By from and welcome you Jessie we go let’s begin with the extreme gaming review on the xiaomi redmi and note 6 pros I’m taking 636 you’re gonna have a lot of cool games in this single video so watch it at the end there subscribe share like if you want if not keep it cool bro keep it cool anyway.

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Thank in advance and let’s begin to k-19 bro so for fun at the beginning we’re gonna try to test here at the high maximum settings of course that’s just impossible to run it on ultra high.
Settings but we’re gonna still do it just for.

Fun to test for testing purposes to see how it’s gonna run on standing at 6:36 so you can see myself everything is on.

Maximum settings let’s go okay we are in we are in just for one minute we’re gonna test it and let’s go just for one minute me just not bad not bad bro of course this is not super smooth but this is not bad at all oh it’s not that laggy I thought is gonna be super super laggy but it’s not that laggy lots of rooms let’s go let’s go.

Oh we’re gonna move now to meet him I think he was gonna handle it really good with medium bro okay let’s go I think you get the point here and we’re gonna.

Quit save and quit because we’re gonna start from here okay so they’re gonna just it’s on medium settings right now there’s medium settings here so let’s.

See here how it’s gonna run with the medium settings and I’m doing.

A 636 Android it oreo xiaomi redmi 6 pro mean.

Just please don’t ask me is that three or four gigabyte when smartphone and what the heck and please go and watch.

My special video vlog does more RAM means that you’re gonna have a better gaming device please make sure to check that video and I stopped listening to famous youtubers who don’t know anything any clue anything about.

The gaming at all bro because only an educated and uneducated person will say that more RAM will give you better fps bro check it.

Out check this out how smooth or this is so like I said oh damn damn that’s amazing you won’t have any if you buy a four gigabyte ran smartphone you won’t have more powerful smartphone you just you won’t get better gaming you want.

To get a better gaming device better gaming version of the redmi note 6 if you have one gigs of ram or you won’t get two better speed no you wanna just it will just.

Help you for multitasking just have that in mind it will keep more apps open in the background and that’s it then never ever helped for the FPS bro Oh nice oh nice this is the first.

Time slightly late I got it.

Very smooth and for fun I’m gonna just go now and test the bow settings also shall I do that.

Bro shall I do that take it take it okay they’ll get on the second treatment it should be in front right now but he’ll be relieved not to come a totally empty dick now here’s Durant Avengers right there nice okay so let’s exit and just for fun test it on the lowest settings possible.

Quit quit yes okay so like you see.

Myself ultra low settings so this is the lowest possible with the stem checking 6:36 let’s go come on come on go back go back and play it okay we are in we are in haha that’s a smooth brush this is so smooth outside see same-same this is.

About to be smooth right now in the super lowest settings they just did you saw that banana they’re badass bleep.

Damn bro / – yeah Oh what ah that was I think that was that you did that is Hobson out solver Cody that’s the green that’s it the next by the initials if.

You are interested in the temperatures after the second this is the second game so far 35 degrees stop drinking six thirty six so far that didn’t had any overheating issues with it with a min max three I got maximum 38 degrees for maximum with a pop G bro anyway let’s go immediately we’re gonna.

Test the maximum graphic since this.

Is extreme gaming review let’s do it can you just like you see high quality so let’s begin let’s see the power of the standing at six thirty.

Six and the new iodine optimization amazing bro amazing good can’t believe that there’s a month is good at the maximum settings in jazz honestly oh that was Oprah oh.

That was my dad bloody them tricky forget the cake for me ticket be hah crazy no I almost such a dope game such a dope Dean honestly indeed the best Hospital game what the heck hmm let’s go next let’s go to cyber hunter xiaomi redmi note 6 pro snapdragon 6636 stay tuned ninjas so believe me or not I’m gonna.

Test this game on ultra-high maximum settings and can see myself everything is at the maximum we’re gonna see how it’s gonna behave of course it’s gonna lag probably it’s gonna lag graphics did I enable it oh just a minute I need to press yeah confirm configuration let’s do it ok we are on and let’s play the dual.

Mode ok we are back we are back this is a really amazing game have to say any just it’s not a ripoff or fortnight or I don’t know whatever you want to say it it just has a really cool unique features which I completely.

Love check the check this out Howard just parachute itself himself oh my god bro this is nuts but it seems that it’s not that super laggy anyway I’m gonna wait until I hit the ground ok press the turbo bro if we can call that to boil it let me not 6 read me not 6 bro cyber hunter let me just find oh they’ll go then go I think I.

Should go can I go there do I.

Have houses or I have houses I’m gonna go there come on.

Come on come on come on come on come on let’s go let’s go let’s go ok we are on the ground let’s see what’s happening oh my god what kind of graphics this game has bro bro bro bro bro check this out knee Johnson yes this is probably after the pop G one of the.

Best-looking android games that are tested this year bro and it is lagging it just it is lag you can see by sob that the FPS is not impressive so we’ll have to move to lower to we’ll have to lower these settings remember and that’s of course I did expect it come on open just one minute to play it oh there we go we have.

Guns we have combo we have gun is that a shotgun or something there is a shotgun that’s a katana there anyway let’s move the graphics to alter high definition also HD ok we’re gonna go with ultra-high definition for now bro then we’re gonna move to HD let’s see how it’s gonna be here with the Ultra High Definition ok we are back so let me see if there’s any difference ok it slightly better.

Better let me put the volume up there you go nice a killer you’re shooting from there knifes a killer oh haha nice nice let me just take this thing I’m telling you this is a really amazing game I don’t know why it’s not that popular mainstream.

Why it’s not trending over the YouTube okay so we don’t have shadows anymore.

Ah oh there go there go there to go to see them I see.

Them I see them another kill bro okay so ninjas arrestor Maggie and I’m gonna move it to HD graphics now HD graphics still frame its ultimate that’s what I want let’s go with the HD then if that is gonna not gonna be good anything gonna go with the.

Balance mode this is a long and SoC yes it is the best out of the best in the law and world oh oh oh oh my god.

Oh my god mashallah this is.

Huge difference bro it’s a huge difference in the frame rate right now check this out bro this is I think maybe forty five to fifty above 50 fps in my opinion so smooth bro so smooth probably if I put it up put it on the balance we’re gonna probably got the 60 get 60 FPS there and I’m gonna do it too just a little bit more so with.

Oh bro look at me I need to go back I need to.

Go like this what is that bro falling star grenade heavy weapon give that bill give it give it to me this looks somebody haha kale bro what a weapon bro what a weapon you have to love this game just because of this weapon right now crazy crazy bro I mean it just let’s move now the graphics to balanced so we can going them to balance mode and let’s see what’s gonna happen with the balance mode which I think that would HIGHLY advise you for.

Lo and SOC so oh my god and this is the this is 60 FPS yes like I said this is 60 FPS right now I was right oh my god this is right now battery.

Smooth Road 100% 60 FPS beautiful yeah go just one minute more and that’s it we’re gonna also test the temps with this game and I did played before this game more few games also earlier so it’s not like I’ve been.

Playing this game for 10 minutes I’ve been playing games for half hour almost under xiaomi redmi note 6 pro somebody’s oh the storm the storm.

Is coming there you go I see such a such a great weapon room money here we can also test a little bit the car and we gonna finish.

This game odd because the star storm is coming the storm is coming good good I got yes perfect timing perfect timing bro perfect timing where is he somebody’s Oh need to go up you go up like if I said you see pi syuh it’s also smooth while I’m playing and while running.

Car some FPS drops there of course because this right now is different to you and now we are back to normal let’s test here the temps for you 38 38 and wait a minute 30 can we get 39 can we get 39 anywhere anywhere no need just a 38.5 after half hour of gaming or three it is I’m gonna probably go to 39 so it’s gonna go to 39.

Probably anyway let’s go next now okay let’s go with the GTA san andreas but on the maximum settings how would you show you right now they’re gonna just max thanks we just put the details a bit and let’s go get out of bitch let’s go come on come on come on come on nice boat snapping at 6:36.

As of these birds whoa and be spurred low and bees remember it has to two women have their change oh no no no good to get a good oh that was close now let’s close it’s a beast boy telmo and.

B1 maximum settings to run it here.

That is smooth oh this is a.

Great car this is a great car what a speedball so smooth man it’s tell your license oh I see how the diving guy with the shower though.

Kalamata an evil oops can I take that shower bro what the heck he came out with the shower he’s running away name alone.

I come in peace Bobcat check this out how smooth is evil.

That is me idiot let’s go next huh we got shadows with the snapping at 6:36 check this out oh my god so laggy this bully it’s still one of the most.

Difficult android games to run basically can see by itself you will need a flagship you will need a flagship in order to play this game with the shadows bro ok now a lot better a lot a lot better I can see myself ok I turned the shadows off because it was still Maggie with the shadows.

So right now it’s perfect you can see myself it is very very heavy game man it is the best.

Game to benchmark your smartphone I call it like that it’s linked oh maybe has the real world performance on their.

Smartphone of the SOC blondie that’s huge Oh check this out number take this time that’s how I got them here it’s like the good warriors now oh my god what you got.

The river I’ll have to run I can’t handle all of you enjoyed in this full gaming gear extreme review gaming review of the Mel mean on 6 Pro and pier and check in the description for the buying links nasa never lets go with the pub G mobile GFX tool xiaomi redmi note 6 ninjas.

You can see myself the settings 1280 or of course 720p HD are 60fps centralizing disable realistic style the shadows are also disabled remember that this is a low and SOC there’s not a mid-range or flagship one so let’s start the game let’s let’s do.

It bro select game version hide selected and bro ok is it on yeah it is it is on very very smooth man on.

The red mist note six pro so ninja is.

Not any single MediaTek or Kiran SoC we’ll give you this performance under $200 not any single find me find me bro only Snapdragon right now you could get also something in a 24 with the.

You will need to install yourself some custom ROM to be able to play it but I don’t think even if you install custom ROM I think they didn’t even optimize the this game for some gigantic 820 I don’t know what is the progress I.

Did test this game two months ago and it wasn’t optimised for some dignity 20 bro whether you.

Have three six or Android eight it was not running good bro bro bro it is running it was running 60 FPS but a lot of lags thanks mate I love that sound man.

What did I hit and I had that sound I don’t get it I had something I mean I hit something but what what did I.

Hit anyway oh my god I have only 11 bullets left bro 14.


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