Hey what’s up guys it’s your boy entertained behind the mic and welcome to another depressing video where today I’m taking a break from the cancerous reaction videos that all of you people find cringing and review a channel that makes all poor people including me feel sorry for themselves so stay tuned now I was going to make this channel.

That I’m gonna be talking about kind of unpredictable in this video but let’s face it by putting techrax in the title I know that I’ll get views my nigga so I came across this channel.

Like two years ago but left it till now as I was getting fucking desperate for video ideas so for the love of God if any of you got an idea please comment down below because I’m fucking willing to try anything but that being said I returned his channel II came across many useful videos that will definitely change your life I mean drinking I for next juice with life straw what happens if you dip a knife or.

An ax in boiling mud pot and don’t pour instant hot jellyfish liquid on i4x in addition to throwing a knife in action 100 fucking feet of lava I sure will not thank you for the tip if I’m fucking dumb enough to try this I mean I don’t even have access to any of this shit and how about this video how strong is Infinity Gauntlet vs.

iPhone X I sure want to find out so play that.

Shit what is up guys techrax here so before I get started.

Real quick I want to thank FA games for sponsoring this video if you guys have not so this video is sponsored so obviously you gotta know that the.

IPhone X is getting fucking smashed and he doesn’t give a shit cuz it’s not his fucking money and here’s the back here’s the front 10.

Outta 10 condition and today we’re gonna be finding out if the Infinity Gauntlet can crush an iPhone 10 let’s go ahead and find out okay so obviously we all know where this is fucking going he starts fucking hammering the iPhone I mean he’s showing no fucking mercy the iPhone has no fucking chance against this and he’s checking for the iPhone if it still works I mean of.

Course it doesn’t work and he continues he fucking continues destroying the fucking iPhone I mean what’s the fucking point of this video make me feel sorry for my fucking self I mean the gondola is fucking broken from that iPhone and.

That my friends is how you do it as always stay tuned for more videos guys this iPhone 10 is no longer working the front is cracked it’s not powering on the back is.

Shattered peace out so guys he basically showed us all a video of him demolishing an iPhone X while many people in.

The fucking world are paying their souls to get that piece of technology and this is not the only video of him killing a phone it’s basically one of many fucking videos many fucking videos of him killing phones he also does fake challenges I mean really 500 gallons of coke swimming pool is this even achievable I don’t know about you guys.

But I think yet I know that fifteen hundred fucking gallons of coke is nearly impossible to get I mean I don’t know if you drained all Walmart’s or supermarkets in your fucking entire city but seriously I’m not buying this shit dude and the crazy thing is is that he has well over 6.


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