All right VIP kid application requirements here we go hi guys teacher Jennifer here welcome back to my channel the end of 2018 is approaching so I figured it was about time for me to update you on what the VI Vacant requirements are you’re probably watching this video if one you’re a VIP kid teacher trying to help out one.

Of your friends through the hiring process or two you’re going through the hiring process yourself you can always message me with your questions down below in the comment section let’s jump.

Right in shall we first thing you’re going to need is of VIP kid mentor though it’s not.

Hired it’s so beneficial to apply an experienced VIP kid teachers referral code to your application right at the beginning make sure you choose someone who understands the hiring process and understands the VIP kid teaching practices plus it’s free.

For you to use a VIP kid teacher referral code I do provide one-on-one coaching and PDF prep files that I have prepared for anyone who does use my referral link so if you would like to use mine mine is 0 to 250 cute you can also email me.

With any questions the next thing you need when applying for VIP kit is a bachelor’s degree I’ve had a few messages in the past asking me if they can apply if they’re going to get their bachelor’s degree in a couple months and yes you already have to have your bachelor’s degree before applying you won’t have to send in a copy of your bachelor’s degree until you receive the email.

Saying that you’ve been hired so don’t hesitate to start applying now if you can’t.

Find a copy of your degree you can still be chugging along that hiring process while you’re waiting for a new copy to come in the mail on average I’d have to say that the hiring process takes about five to twelve days.

Depending on how ambitious you are and how quickly you schedule when to have your interview when to have your mock classes you have to make sure that you have at least one years teaching experience this doesn’t mean that.

You have to have taught in a classroom but you need to have educational experience whether that is tutoring coaching mentoring homeschooling Sunday School teaching yadda-yadda-yadda VIP kid doesn’t currently ask for a resume or a cover letter so don’t waste your time there however.

Right at the beginning in the basic info that you’re filling out they’re going to want to know what your experience is so make sure at the very top you’re putting the most relevant information.

You have about teaching and especially teaching children you need to have a computer with internet and headphones I’ve heard in the past of teachers being hired using Apple earbuds because they have a little microphone attached to them that’s what I used for my interview almost three years ago but these are my thoughts now you wouldn’t go to any other job interview in your pajamas just because you didn’t own a dress.

Or a tie so I’m telling you now Dress for Success even if it’s on your head for.

Those of you that are wondering about the headset that I use in my classes mine is the Logitech h3.

90 it was about 25 dollars at Walmart I love it because they are sound-canceling headphones plus they come with a mute button all right back to talking about a computer and Internet you want to make sure that you have a very good internet connection when it comes to your interview in mock classes because the person that’s interviewing you is checking for that they want to make sure that there’s no lag that there.

Aren’t any glitches when I say something they’re able to hear me.

Say in real time if you can hardwire your computer plug your computer straight into your outlet using an Internet cord what was lame for me is I have a MacBook I don’t have a jack for my internet cord so I had to buy an attachment this is what you’re looking for here the reason why I would recommend.

Plugging straight into your router is because that is going to give you the fastest internet speeds and I know it’s 2018 and cords are lame but trust me you will get.

Optimal speeds and your interviewer will notice if you do choose to go the Wi-Fi route make sure that when you do a speed test you see a number on the screen that says at least 20 Meg’s the higher.

The number the better this will also help you ensure that you don’t have any lag or glitching during those interviews now some other.

Fun things to consider make sure you have the newest version of Flash downloaded to your computer and also I was suggest using Chrome or Firefox as your browser when.

You’re entering the classroom and as long as your computer is an ancient you should have at least four gigabytes of RAM ooh last little bit of advice this is not spoken on YouTube so listen up before you have your interviews make sure you clear your computer history turn.

Off your computer and restart it I don’t know why but whenever I clear my cache and.

Cookies turn off my computer and restart it before I enter the VIP kid classroom I never have my headset always connects my external camera always connects to the classroom so do.

Yourself a favor make sure you clear that history we restart your computer and then have a successful interview again you guys please feel free to email me if you have any questions at all seriously don’t hesitate and if you would like you can.

Also use my referral link if you would like that one-on-one coaching and those PDF prep files alright you guys that’s it.

Best of luck go ahead start that application process I can’t believe how many people tell me that they waited months to start their application just because they.

Were nervous but you’re not gonna get any closer to the finish line until you do so start the application process use my referral code if you would like and go ahead and give this video a big thumbs up.

Because the more likes this video has the more likely people are going to see it and get this information to them – okay you guys until next time happy teaching.


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