What’s up everybody alright today we’re gonna do something a little bit different than arena what different than arena no freakin way yeah that’s right different so today we’re gonna be doing two the actually have to finish up masters real quick to get the Clint are callused or whatever those things are called to level up my little simply wait.

Buddy and and we’re gonna go clear through all of the symbiotes difficulty and even pop that sweet crystal at the end all right all right hang on hang on.

I gotta go no let me it’s gonna tweet out nice and quick dearest at poops at marvel champions I think I found a different game mode than arena gonna go tried out different than arena no way my tweets uh clearly guys they need some tweet help different game modes an arena I’m gonna go try it out with a little symboi ID in a mine Oh sup legs alright so we also have legacy joining in uh welcome him everybody howdy alright let me see I think if.

I had a different game mode that arena I’m gonna go try it out with a little symbol a friend of mine so well I may have fallen asleep when.

I should have stayed up now I’m just kidding I got guy.

Guy could not deceive us okay check it out my new my new carnage friends so alright this guy’s gonna help let me let me go check I’m gonna go check the rating real quick so I’m at nine hundred and forty.

Seven thousand almost nine hundred and forty eight thousand let’s see what adding this guy to the roster did for my my uh my.

Changed it to nine hundred and forty nine thousand okay not not that big of a jump but yeah it’s something and I could level up so that’s good but what’s up everybody all right no time to say what’s up to everyone because I need to I need to hop in these quests.

And get this moving so we got some stuff to do man we got some stuff to do so yeah I’m really I’m just gonna be questing this entire time just clear that notification my new carnage so I gotta clear through masters really quick I’m almost done with it there’s just a couple.

Paths left and I’ve got suicides on with Omega red so it’s not gonna last very long at all nice to.

Be done in no time guys let me see how many paths so one two three four paths remaining yeah so.
Take nothing oh it’s gonna be fun once you.

Get to some good quests there’s a void boss oh I’m turn it off suicides I think no.

Yeah you Mon it’s quick I is it is it quick yeah actually better do you have to use potions and stuff though no there’s some like a lot of boost right and there’s one of them that heals you it’s like it’s like.

Will power basically and it heals to be more than the book and you take it looks like a Tanagra suicide you’re heating up okay but like I said for that avoid that it’s feel good yeah okay all right I’ll leave suicides on them yeah forgot I need to change my settings here a little bit all right recoup is dot region one okay you just chew through wood all right all right okay that’s cool I’ll leave leave suicides on.

Crap I think I’m going to the right path for this little potion sweep all these things up that Omega Red intrigues me dude Omega Red I’ve been I’ve been getting a little bit better at playing him and he’s exciting well as I say that I’m just getting slapped around by this juggernaut but that’s mine he’s nice to make human I didn’t really use him much take you I used him like the tiniest little bit.

I was still mostly using Hyperion I honestly been using him more than I do now she’s weird yeah that’s cool it’s so nice that he heals up with willpower at the start of each fight when running suicides you know yeah.

And I gotta take the caltrops it just keeps heal him up dude yeah see I think I would use mine more if I took a bleed path but yeah just taking the poison path doesn’t really matter too much Miguel real talk I’m on a statistics exam with PC say hi to my teacher what are you at your teacher watching me go through this quest as you’re taking tests I love big red pulled as a five-star and almost got on the rank -.

Nice champion Oh Brian I effed up again today I woke up at 5:30 today and how and a half.

Ago long story short I’m behind in the arena Wow that’s when I woke up – Tim you did you make a not have to go yeah I just did like I mean I can’t even say anything my sleep schedule is all jacked up – so yeah wait so you woke up that late did you actually like go to sleep when when.

You left the stream last night nice emotional movie okay hey man I got Kabam dwith the five-star Omega Reds don’t people normally say that when they pull a bad champion what the heck man you two make a rhythm and make it read like I don’t know fold again from the future crystal my savings for 15k I don’t know yeah probably I mean.

It all comes back to using that gym right he’s that Janet that it probably would have been all right yeah IBG what do you think venom the duck will.

Star I don’t know I don’t think he’s that hyped so I think this is gonna be one of the lower 5 stars that we’ll see I think it’ll put him back in that territory of like 40 million or something like that in Kingston is it I mean.
Is it even gonna be that high isn’t gonna be lower how do.

Cool but he’s dead for a long question but like I don’t.

Have any long questing to do I’m focusing on Alliance for tears yeah I’m not reading too wisely yeah I don’t even know anything about him really it’s just he.

Just doesn’t seem pipes is all Kroy sent over a buck thank you very much Kroy not H just regular Kroy all right couple more paths to.

Go guys and then we’ll often that symbol you ate difficulty I gotta level this little dude up to you what quick slaps he just loved one right now yeah yeah he’s just level one all right your last message just says this is gonna be awesome agreed dude I’m excited for it heck yeah okay let me see if.

There’s any items around I have a bunch of energy refills – it’s what I want to do it right now I wasn’t I was actually just not yeah though which evision offer and then I got some from.

Like arena crystals when I pop them open so yeah I’m like I have a bunch in the overflow funny two days in a row of daytime streams – sup be Daniels yeah man two days in a row daytime streams making up for last week last week I didn’t do.


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