Hey guys come see here back with another video now awesomesauce upload howing is coming up so I was testing out different Halloween skins and I was trying this one out but then there was this glitch happening and I couldn’t change and I can’t change my skin now so I’m stuck with this skin until they fix that bug like.

Seriously I can’t change my skin having a.

Lot of issues but I guess this isn’t okay Halloween yeah yeah but enough about that today mom be checking out a new server Becky email a new update yesterday called the high but now it’s a painted server on bedrock edition so yeah and I’m gonna check.

This thing place up today yeah then Kevin I’m Samantha sorry but Anna as you can see there’s some games available my dog wants.

To come into my room here he is so let’s see this.

Is global Walker his friends parries okay in softer okay so touch it I try first.

Choice or wors hide-and-seek or death one ha yeah now death run for you oh sure the other games in another video goodbye.


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