Hey what’s going on YouTube so today we’re going to check out my or your journey in photography there are different camps in regards to how to improve your photography one being to study other photographers and mimic their style which I personally do not agree with because you want to be unique it is a creative field and that is.

What you should be doing it’s concentrating on your own style your own techniques.

To make it your own the other camp is to just get out there and shoot you hear that a lot and there are some people that don’t think it makes a difference I’m here to prove that yes it does actually make a difference it makes it very valuable difference as long as in between all the shooting you’re actually doing some studying’s in regards.

To improving your techniques and understanding the principles of photography so with that said let’s just dive right into it and yeah.

I mean there are some shots that are a little embarrassing for myself but at the same time hey it is what it is.

As long as you show and improve and just keep going on from there so I have a pie chart starts at a very low level and ramps its.

Way up it’s not scientific by any method it’s not mathematic because math is not one of my best.

Subjects to be honest with you however it just goes to show that yes there are definite improvements and I’m going to show you photos throughout the years and yeah that’s.

My opinion on it and as always just get out there and shoot okay so there you have it so what’s the take away well basically on one hand.

Nobody makes it to the top off of the first shot nobody starts at the very top that’s why it’s the top if it was so easy everybody would be there and yeah I’d be pretty boring because everyone would be at the exact same level you know there’d be no striving for.
Excellence or anything like that because everybody.

Would be exactly the same the other thing to me personally don’t follow I shouldn’t say don’t follow I mean you can get inspiration from other photographers but don’t copy other photographers if everybody copied every other photographer then there’d be absolutely no creative individuality within the industry with that being said you know you need.
Your mark you need to find your path you need to find your niche.

You know what makes you you why should someone pick you over someone else to be honest with you I’m still finding my exact thing right now I have had a good amount of success in regards to find our prints however I’ve branched off I’m starting to do portraits more now you know.

I’m trying to see how that’s gonna go how far that’s gonna take me but yeah the the whole going back to you know just get out there and shoot the more you shoot the more you’ll improve you’ll understand more things you know if you don’t use it you lose.

It it’s basically what it comes down to so yeah I hope that uh you know my my slightly embarrassing spread over the years.

I hope it helps out you can see how the progress improved the quality of the images went up even though you know I didn’t do portrait for portrait or.

Landscape or anything like that but you can definitely see a massive quality improvement in regards to the composition just having you know that I to see something that actually looks.

Presentable as an art you know as a piece of art versus just taking a snapshot of something yeah and I.

Also know I’m saying I’m a lot I have not actually written any of this down this is all coming from the top of my head because I.
Just wanted to get this out to everybody so I hope this helps and if you.

Have any questions or anything let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to Like and subscribe and I will see you guys on the next video.


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