Hey guys what’s up it’s Charlie here and today we’re going to be looking at 10 weird things caught on security cameras many homes and businesses use security cameras know what’s going on at all times but sometimes the unexpected is caught on camera and security guards have their minds blown here are some of the funniest scariest and strangest occurrences.

Ever caught on security cameras enjoy but first subscribe and why not press the notification bell to coming in at number 10 is ghost train so this very scary footage was recorded in China in 2010 it was recorded at 10:30 7:00 at night at 10:37 p.
a train was recorded pulling up to the station the only thing was.

There was no 10:37 train schedule the security.

Guards watching were baffled and so was everyone else when this footage were released the Train appears to be transparent and you can’t see what’s inside this has led many to say this is.

A ghost train around 40 years earlier a train derailed from this station taking many lives some say it could be this train as a ghost but what do you think is this camera trickery or the security guard trying to fool us or is this actually the.

Real ghost of a train next up is pizza boy the last thing you want in your Domino’s pizza is somebody’s hands in it and it turns out that might be what you get that’s right one day a guy in British Columbia order the pizzas to his apartment he called Domino’s Pizza and they said they’d bring it to right over so the driver brings the pizza over but when he.

Gets into the elevator of the guy’s apartment he gets a bit hungry.

He then sets the pizza down on the floor and starts eating the toppings now he probably thought he was.

Going to get away with this as nobody else was in the elevator with him but once security guard happened to see this on the surveillance cameras and pressed record he then leaked it and.

Domino’s Pizza eventually fired the guy and I totally agree with their decision not.

Only is it scamming the guy who bought the toppings but also you don’t want some of these dirty hands touching up your pizza I just hope this guy didn’t get a tip and if the nasty thing is this likely isn’t the only piece that he’s done this to who knows if you live in British Columbia this guy might have even taken a bite out of your pizza next up is dog versus bears in a battle between a small french bulldog and two.

Bears who do you think would win well one day in Monrovia California two bears tried to get into a house now this could have been very dangerous for the owners but luckily their French.

Bulldog was outside now you may assume this tiny French Bulldog would run away from the 220 pound bears but instead the dog named Jules sticks up for its owners and.

Defends the property it runs after the two bears and the two bears get out of there quickly it’s surprising the rest didn’t try and get aggressive to.

The dog you can tell that Jules the dog.

Didn’t realize the danger it was really in but perhaps this helped it scared the Bears away.

The Bears ventually jumped over the fence and ran off and it was only after the owners came.

And heard the barking they went and checked the CCTV cameras they expected the dog and scale off a burglar but were stunned when they saw the dog had scared off two bears forget pitbulls and French Dame’s just get a French Bulldog to guard your home next up is a reflection so this video was taken in a dance studio now you may be thinking it’s not exactly the most creepy place in the world.

Well that’s where you would be wrong because in dance studios there’s mirrors everywhere and if we’ve learned anything from other videos on this channel mirrors can be creepy the video starts off normally with a woman dancing in the mirror she’s checking out her moves but then decides to sit down she gets tired but then something strange happens in the mirror behind her despite her remaining still her reflection turns around and then stands up the woman then walks off but her reflection stays in.

Place staring right at her some have said this mirror must be haunted because of this but what do you think some people have.

Said it’s not a mirror but if you look closely everything else is reflected so it clearly is and also the reflection is totally normal until the girl sits down check it out and let me know your theories in the comments below next up is dog pack versus car so we’ve already seen a dog scare of two bears but here’s a very scary clip involving a whole pack of.

Dogs one day a Turkish mechanic returned to his car but it was completely destroyed he assumes.

Some criminals had destroyed it for some reason so he called the cops the cops tried to identify the criminals with security cameras but when they saw was stunning the video shows his car parked up.

Normally then all of a sudden a pack of eight dogs run up to his vehicle and begin destroying it they totally tear it to shreds using only thirty this is very creepy and mysterious and I’m not sure why these dogs did when they did also these dogs aren’t wild and appeared to be of different breeds who knows what your dog does when it goes out at night.

Did this guy somehow annoy this pack of dogs perhaps.

He had doggie treats hidden in his car and the dogs wanted.

To get to them the guy was baffled and has no explanation and neither did the police but what do you think was going on here it’s a good thing that the guy wasn’t in his car at the time as this would be very scary just imagine being stuck in your car as dogs tear it to shreds next up is haunted school.

So when we think of haunted places we usually think of graveyards and abandoned buildings but one place you definitely don’t think about being haunted is a school well in October of 2017 something strange began happening a Deer Park Christian Brothers school in Cork Island a security.

Camera in the school began picking up some odd things first off a door and a hallway opened.

Suddenly and then slammed shut after that the lockers begin shaking and then some open and then a wet floor sign goes flying now you may think this is just editing but know this sound so this is happening in real life the footage was released online and everyone was baffled including the school’s principal he said he couldn’t understand how it happened and he said.


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