Good evening and welcome to the vlog so I just checked into my new hotel room in Paris and check out this view back here you can see sacre coeur on the top of the hill of Montmartre so that’s pretty cool and the view is not quite as cool as my old hotel room if you’re wondering what that was.

All about do check out my previous vlogs on my channel but as you can tell since it’s already kicking off really hard right now and I’m running super late so I don’t know I’m still nice hotel room talking to you guys let’s get out.

There and catch the last bit of good light and take some great photos too of course let’s go suck so despite hyping up the sacre coeur Cathedral the plan is actually not to shoot there tonight so of course the beautiful church and definitely one of the Paris’s most beautiful sights but the problem for churches to get the good angle you’re gonna have about a thousand tourists in your shot so it’s just really difficult to get a good photo there unless.

Sunrises and some early in the morning when there’s nobody there yet so just being a sunset though that kind of puts that place out of a question but I’ve got a great little secret spot in.

Mind way we’re headed right now I’ll tell you all about it when we get there but it’s basically just a very beautiful Parisian street scene I’ve seen a mini photos on Instagram that inspired me to go get my own so let’s head over there and I’ll show you the finer intricacies.

While I like the specific scene so much silver Street I’m currently on perform the composition of the shot I’m really off tonight but before we talk more about the shot in the composition there’s nothing I really wanted to touch on and that’s the reason why I actually ended up missing the sunset today.
So that wasn’t due to my own slackness or ability.

To keep time that had nothing to do.

That the reason why I’m a sensor today is just purely dance priorities and what happened was I was stuck at the office that’s important things I really needed to do some emails I needed to get out and for me that hundred percent took priority over photography and catching a sunset and the reason I bring that up is because the other day on Instagram I briefly touched on that takes me to a lot of cool places and I’m so grateful and all but all the hard work.

I put in all the benefits and rewards I reaped because of.

It and I think that’s very important to highlight that at the end of the day hard work takes you places in my case it was my corporate job that it managed to.

Take me to Paris because I think on social media they fought too many people out there who will try sell you’ve a dream make their life look like they’re permanently on vacation or just having a great.

Time and some of the most beautiful spots in the world and never have to work a day in their life and that’s all bells and whistles and smoke and mirrors and that’s not the reality of life I think if you work hard you can achieve and accomplish anything you.

Want to do and I mean that sounds cheesy but it’s just simply true so I know how I got here through hard work sweat and tears and I think that’s really important to touch on that’s something I want.


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