Our final profile is one that truly encompasses all aspects of the triad of health but it’s also an incredible story of two parents spirit and determination meet the Durning family they adopted Lincoln as a newborn giving their 18 month old daughter Reagan a baby brother immediately Jessica and Christian knew that something was drastically wrong and it began a.

Nearly three-year grueling journey to identify their adoptive son’s behavioral problems he was kicking and screaming he was unconsolable you couldn’t touch him you couldn’t hold him as a mom watching your child go through something like that it.

Is devastating heart-wrenching and you feel hopeless because there’s nothing I could do I tried so many things to comfort him and there was nothing.

I could do that helped hi buddy early on doctors diagnosed Lincoln as failure to thrive the term used when.

A baby doesn’t gain weight or height at the rate of other kids their age but specialists had plenty of excuses to point to when trying to pacify these parents that’s a dad it wasn’t just the fact that we had moved away from where we lived and we’re here without family and it wasn’t just the fact that the kids are 16 months apart and it wasn’t just the fact that.

He was born small in size there was beyond that there was something more and and no one would listen to that and in.

It in that you had that frustration and then you also had the guilt that that weigh down on top of it because it is your child and you’re not finding a way.

Helping you help him the durning’s were living a nightmare they couldn’t understand how despite all the love they gave Lincoln he would act out like this playdates with.

Other kids were out of the question because he was too rough and other kids didn’t want to be near him Lincoln’s own sister was scared of his tantrums but fortunately for Lincoln his parents were committed to finding a solution for his erratic behavior after several years of going to the.
Pediatrician without getting an answer that I felt was an.

Answer I started looking into other options luckily through a network of friends who I could go to and talk about you know the struggles that we were having one recommended a specific practitioner and.
When we went to her she actually asked questions and.

When she asked the questions she listened and at no point did she say oh he’s a.

Boy the advice that she gave us on that first day was I think he has a lot going on I think a lot of it is food.

Allergies or sensitivities and I think if we eliminate all of this we can get to his root cause like what is the root cause of his behavior and to me just the fact that somebody was listening to me and wasn’t making an excuse was.

A turning point for me I felt when I left that office that day I felt hope I thought okay somebody is listening to me and we are gonna help him and he is gonna be able to grow up into the child he was created to be so for all of.

His very young life after all.

The different kinds of formulas all the doctors all the other tests and treatments it took just a few minutes in just the very first office visit for this chiropractic applied kinesiologists to do some non-invasive testing and determined that Lincoln had a severe food allergy to gluten he had severe behavioral issues multiple temper tantrums that became violent and he also had loss of appetite he was not able to eat much of anything for.

Long periods of time or not eat much food period the dietary modifications were not going to be easy but they free my goodness within literally within 36 48 hours he comes to he’s he’s so much sweeter he’s just this amazing.

Happy little kid and I think probably one of the hardest things was he came to us I’m sorry I actually this really he came to said he says to us because my belly doesn’t hurt anymore and you kind of realized that for the last three years you he’s been in pain every day and it was it was neat it was amazing because.

He wasn’t and he was so happy and all of a sudden just realized that this is here’s this beautiful little child that he’s so he’s he’s such an amazing little boy and.
And were able to actually cherish that child and find him now.

And so yeah I was definitely the house skeptic and it turned.

Pretty darn quick because you just saw him just turn and end this happiness that came out of him was just just amazing room three a returned doctor’s visit revealed that in addition to gluten the staples of soy corn and peanuts would need to be eliminated luckily the changes again were nearly immediate.

Because Lincoln started to grow and consider this at the time he started the treatments and dietary changes Lincoln was already three years old but wearing pants for a six.

Month old go ahead and push into my hand with your foot you know.

What to do good job push and push meanwhile Reagan had been complaining for weeks of an upset stomach and when asked she said she’d like to see the doctor within three days of her first treatment the stomachaches were gone and they never returned it didn’t take long for the entire family to become patients about 60 to 70.

Percent of my practice is family oriented I treat the mom the dad and the children I think it’s really really important for everybody to be on the same page because with what we do we’re changing we’re changing people’s lifestyles not just lifestyles but the quality of life we look forward to family activities now whereas in the past they weren’t something to look forward to they are a.

Chore now we not only can do playdates but were invited to more play dates in the past when we would play with friends I always had to keep thinking close by or stay with him and now he has friends when we get together they can go do stuff just the two of them and they we give them.

That time because he can do it now and it’s a it’s such a treat for him to be able to play with other kids his age or older getting to do what he wants and he loves it like he actually has friends now the milestones and turning points for this family of four have been including what they realizes the need to eat more like their grandparents did I really strive to do the perimeter of this store instead of the middle the middle is the convenience and those are necessary when you have.

Two small children and you want to go anywhere but the perimeter is really what feeds them and nourishes them and helps them grow the twists and turns along this family’s journey has been gut-wrenching thankfully what you see now is a family that has learned how to not just survive.

But thrive they also hope that by sharing their story others will benefit as well don’t let what other people say.

Stand in the way of you doing what in your heart you know is right life is more fun now and you have more fun were able to go see things travel do things and we just have more fun.

As a family now we do there’s just a lot more enjoyable you.


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