How’s it go and everybody my name is John I am a photography instructor and a photographer today I’m going to be talking to you a little bit about paying attention to distracting elements in your portrait photography take a look to my subscription site at patreon.
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So I guess the first tip here is to avoid busy backgrounds in your portrait photography keep the background clean and organized.

Busy background can distract from your subject just like cleaning a busy tabletop before you take a wedding photo or a food photo you should take some time and prep your scene sometimes if you’re on location.

And there are cluttered scenes just move yourself around a couple of inches in one direction or another direction can make a big difference in the look and feel of your final shot things like trash.

Cars or other ugly stuff can be avoided pretty easily by moving your feet.

Another tip you should think about in your portrait photography is paying attention to overexposed and underexposed areas in the photo human eyes are attracted to.

The white areas of a photograph in your photography these can be the overexposed areas of your image pure white areas it works the other way to an underexposed or black area of an image can be just as distracting keep in mind the entire frame and the overall exposure of your shot both backgrounds and foregrounds require your attention okay.

Here is fill the frame up the person should be the main subject especially in headshots and close-up.

Portraits your subject shouldn’t be sharing the frame with anyone or anything you got to decide what the purpose of the portrait is if it’s more of a candid image or more of an editorial shot than sharing the frame to tell a story might work out well if the idea is to submit.

A photo to a talent agency or for a modeling job then it might be more important that the person that you’re photographing is the main subject and not the scene not what’s going on around them okay one more thing here we’re going to talk about some vibrant colors sometimes too much color.

Or overly vibrant colors can be distracting clashing colors and your subjects wardrobe or maybe the backgrounds can take the attention away from an.

Otherwise great shot you need to be thinking about the colors when you’re composing and exposing your photograph these are just a couple of distracting elements.

That you should pay attention to in your portrait photography take a look at my new patreon site at patreon.

com slash John the photo guy or take a look to my website at wwlp.



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