I think good evening in the name of God most gracious most merciful the Honorable Scotty Jay Johnson my respected friends from the Interfaith community and the members of the media welcome to all dollars area Muslim society our light to thanks Cathy Johnson and the Department of Homeland Security for the dedications and their efforts in protecting our nation from.
All forms of security threats I would like also to thank mr.
secretary for speaking today to the representative of the Muslim community and for speaking.
To our nation from this mosque to send a message that we are.

United as one community and one nation against violent extremism again its hate and discrimination as the President Obama said we cannot turn against one another by letting this fight be defined as a war between America and Islam the skirt or the Muslim community has publicly and privately condemned and protested all form of violent extremism that uses Lomb as justification we have to remain united against of all form of violence and we are appreciated will you appreciate the religious and interfaith leaders who are with us today who represent this unity they are the people who.

Defend religious freedom for all the Revlon Reverend John bel Hines John the United Christian.

Parish or like to thank her Reverend Scott Johnson ever get from the the Oakbrook Church mr.
sang from the Sikh community Catherine from the shoulder-to-shoulder rabbi.

Jerry sirota the head of the interfaith conference of Washington Metropolitan Area and Reverend Smith cops thank you very much my friend from the Trinity Presbyterian Church would like to thank also a law enforcement who had been really first line defender of our freedom the Chief of.

Police of Fairfax County Chief Russell thank you so much they are the model and example for many American who work with Muslims community across the nation in this difficult time religious freedom is essential in building of a strong nation and.

We as Muslim Americans Church the religious freedom that we enjoy in the United State that Y will also defend it the religious freedom of minorities majority Muslim countries this mosque has helped to rebuild two churches that were burned down in.

The Muslim majority countries Muslim in America helped rebuild churches in America the African American churches were burned down they collected money to do so and will regarding the Muslims scholars in Morocco to address religious freedom around the world it’s escalatory violence extremism and tourism that uses religious language is number one enemy for our community because it destroy life puts a strain on our liberties and pursuit of our happiness and it distort a bit of religion of Islam the scattery were like our children to.

Be raised in the free society those children.

Met and will offer them opportunities and look have them to look to the the future and to be treated as prospect.

Would like them to be raised with faith not fear with hope not despair as young.
Adults and children that they see.

Today presence of you here represent that hope for them we have parents of those children served in uniform people have defended Muslim people have defended this country some of them have lost their life.

There are doctors and teachers and firefighters no one should make them question their identity or second-guess their belonging to this country mr. secretary I would like to thank you again today for coming together with us standing against violence extremism hatred and bigotry here honorable mr.

John John’s Thank You Imam Majid and thank you for your leadership in this community it’s nice to be back here I want to thank the interfaith leaders who are up here with us as well as other members of the community I know I speak to most people in this room including those up here with.

Me when I begin these remarks by saying my fellow Americans as I’ve said for some time now we’re in a new phase.

In the global terrorist threat it includes terrorists directed and terrorists inspired attacks.

It includes plots from overseas and the potential for the lone wolf actors in the homeland this new phase requires a new approach to counterterrorism and homeland security this must include outreach to Muslim communities across our country over the last two years I’ve been.

To Boston New York Brooklyn suburban Maryland Minneapolis Chicago Columbus.

Ohio Houston Los Angeles and other places for this purpose one of the most meaningful discussions I’ve had on this tour was in June of this year here at the Adams center with Imam.

Magid and other leaders of this community we began that session when Boy Scouts led the Pledge of.

Allegiance in the wake of recent events I returned here today my message today is this in responding to this new environment we must not vilify American Muslims we must not throw a net of suspicion over American Muslims and an entire religion we must not force American Muslims to run and hide and retreat to the shadows this would be counter to our homeland security efforts and it is unamerican now more than ever it is time to work.

Together to protect and defend our communities our families and our homeland the reality is that there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world it is the second largest religion in the world behind Christianity one in four people on this planet our Muslim.

Within the Muslim faith which spreads across every continent of this planet our sects as diverse as Christianity within this country alone there are about three million Muslims they include African Americans Egyptian Americans Indonesian Americans Iraqi Americans.

Others of different races and skin colors the overwhelming overwhelming majority of American Muslims and Muslims worldwide are men women and children of peace who seek to live their lives in peace and want nothing to do with terrorism anyone who does not understand that does not understand Islam the very essence of the.

Islamic faith is peace the standard greeting assalamualaikum is peace be upon you the principal victims of the so-called Islamic.

State in al-qaeda our Muslims the four million men women and children who have left their homes in Syria as refugees are fleeing the very same terrorism and violence that we are concerned about by now in Mamaji and others.


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