Such a beautiful day here in San Francisco about like 68 degrees and I’m sweat great you know what’s a funny thing I actually have to hold this gigantic fill card look at that it sees like a difference like boom like some like light on my face and no light on my face that’s why hold ok holding this in.

Like trying to do everything at the same time is like not the move so you know yo what’s up guys it’s your boy Mike yeah and today I am kind of a special video for you as more to.

Sit down than a vlog so what I wanted to talk to you guys about today is personal style of photography it took me forever to find my personal style but hopefully I can help you guys find yours you guys ready let’s get right into the video so first things first is shoot everything now you may be sticking to portrait and not do anything else like no landscape no still lifes no sporting events and you want to widen the rink of.

Photography that you are taking so what you want to do is take pictures of everything if you’re too comfortable with doing portraits and try and.
Do a landscape try and do a still-life try to do product photography or try.

To do some street photography see what actually helps you improve in your area of expertise and how you see everything else around you and who knows maybe you actually will like what you stick with and who knows.

Maybe you actually might like taking landscape photos more than portrait photos or maybe it’s the.
Other way around maybe with take more portraits than landscape it’s all.

About trying to find other stuff out of your comfort zone and maybe you might actually find something else that you will get into it and that leads me into tip number two.

And that’s riding all your ideas down for me personally it’s always great to write as many ideas as possible and whatever concepts come to.

Mind or whatever creative idea that you’re trying to trying to create writing things down can go way beyond what you think could even write down little things like when you do take a photo is your idea to make that photo better or what is your concept behind the photo what’s your idea buying a.

Photo or what kind of photo do you want to take and that’s why writing ideas concepts or any creative idea writing it down will help you improve not only your workflow but also finding what kind of style that you want in your photos like you’re gonna write down what do you want in your photo what do you want your photo to say what kind of edits are you gonna do to your photo what kind of lenses are you gonna use is it gonna be film.

It’s gonna be digital are you gonna have prints or gonna have digital are you gonna have props they’re gonna be characters is their portrait is in landscape anything any idea that you have should be written.

Down and it leads me to the final tip which is just play around with your photos go into Lightroom play around with the settings go into Photoshop play with all the tools if you use capture one play around with all the capture one settings do whatever you can to create a style that’s catered to your photography no matter what.
It may be play around with the white balance in your.


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