I already breath so I do apologize that we didn’t have a video yesterday it was my birthday and I just wasn’t home to get on fortnight and show you what was in the item stop and stop and honestly man I really feel like that’s what I need to do right now I really think that I just need to.

I I need to take a break from fortnight right.

Now and just like give it like a week or something without playing a because it did it like it made me feel better not.

Playing the game yesterday maybe it was just me spending time with my family and friends what it’s something that I’ve tried to put off for a while now just like focusing way way way too much on YouTube you know what I mean just spending too much of my time making videos playing games and that sort of stuff and I think that that’s you know probably that the fortnight daily reset will always be a thing like because it doesn’t take me that long to make the videos but.
I’m trying to uh I’m thinking.

About like maybe like every two or three days for a little bit just like having on like the third day I’ll just like.
Make a higher quality video you know what I mean it’s just I just.

Making videos that take me four or five hours like kind of frustrates me because I don’t understand the way YouTube works where I can spend five or six hours on a video and it gets less views than the.

I spend thirty Seconds on you know I just it’s a little frustrating dude you know but regardless guys that’s what we got from the dailies and we sat Oh yeah I hope you guys enjoyed the video remember to support it we like to dance it started.


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