Hi everybody in this video I have two more new releases from the 2013 airport adventure collection security guard Finn McMissile and crate Branson wash security Finn is number 4 of 7 from the airport series and crate ransom wash is number 6 of 7 both had the very same card back showing only one unreleased die cast from the 2013.

Packaging the regular finish alright and here we have security Finn he is all disguise in his airport security outfit basically he is the same like they already released security fent in the 2-pack.

With the same mouth and eye expressions the only difference is that he’s now all metal and doesn’t have a plastic mouthpiece anymore and here is crate rats and wash crate is a luggage tow truck and can be seen in the airport scene and cars too both of these die casts are reports from Mattel and are already online.
Available bye-bye and thank you for watching..


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