Let’s go over all the different deployment options for Cisco’s email security Cisco cells emerge security appliances that can be deployed on-premise or in other words at the customer site this can be physical appliances or virtual appliances Cisco also provides a cloud base offering where Cisco manages all the appliances for the customer there’s also a hybrid offering which is.

A unique service that facilitates the deployment of your email security infrastructure both on-premise and in the cloud this hybrid service gives customers the ability to retain access to their own primary appliances maintaining visibility of both their own network infrastructure and their cloud infrastructure Cisco’s email security deployment options provide multi device support for example.

Desktop mobile laptops and tablets can be supported in both.

Their own premise and the cloud infrastructure the Cisco cloud email security offering provides cloud-based solutions like we mentioned before that allows companies to outsource the management of their email security management to cisco into a Cisco cloud the service provides email security instances in.

Multiple data centers across the world which actually enables high availability and of course accessibility.

For the customers some of the benefits include the dynamic updates from Cisco Telus which is a research team within Cisco what we call the industry’s largest advanced threat intelligence service.

Financially it’s backed up by service level agreements or SLA it provides role base administration’s Co management of course 99.99% uptime and false positive rates are less than one in a million these are some of the key features of the Cisco email security appliance and also the cloud-based service is that a.

It provides supports for transport layer security or TLS it also provides support for RSA data loss.

Prevention or DLP it provides supports for s/mime encryption integrated message level encryption with no third party products necessary it also offers very advanced capability for foul reputation.

Analysis and sandbox in and what we call sandbox in andreat respective analysis with Cisco’s.

Amp or advanced malware protection and threat grid which was another acquisition that Cisco made it also provides URL categorization and reputation filters.


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