Hi I’m Harry Kerkar I’m a photo artist we’re here at my home in Sherman Oaks California and I guess we’re gonna discuss our main color I found Henry color probably two years ago I had been on the search for someone to do my photographic printing for quite some time I’ve looked at I’ve looked at a lot of labs.

And I didn’t find what I was looking for because I felt people had great equipment but I didn’t think they really understood what the equipment could do so I did a little research.

Online and look for someone close and I.

Did find harmony colors website and I decided to take a ride over and talk to them and I went in and there was something about it that led me to believe that I had come to a place where people actually knew something about our work so.

The first thing they asked me to do is bring in a group of files and black and whites and colors just to show me what they would print like.

On different papers which I did and they printed out large strips of paper with my photographs on it some of my photographs and they.

Were fantastic but literally what.

Impressed me the most about them was about so much the printing over the paper for that matter it was how passionate they were about their work and they wanted to see my prints be as wonderful as I wanted them to be I felt that they were meticulous I feel like they’re artists themselves and I feel that they’re proud of their work and that’s exactly what I was confirm a color loud you.


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