Hello and welcome friends it’s Matt David photography oh well I guess there’s well there the title would say and some of you kind of seen it that’s right I’ve decided to actually do away with Matt David photography well Matt why would you do such a thing well on it it’s just actually just changing into Matt David creative but.

What the main reason I’m doing it is this I wanted to kind of broaden my horizon with everything I’m doing not and not just photography so this is the first of.

Many to come and not just photography I mean there’s.

Tutorial but there’s also gonna be things like tech reviews vlogging traveling everything in between you name it I’m gonna try it out which one do you guys want to see first anything involving photography tech gear reviews filmmaking editing workflow more tech gear reviews business side of it absolutely so.

These are the packages that I off to.

Future trips plans whatever it is that you guys want to know so shoot me a comment or so shoot me a message or drop a comment letting me know what you guys I’ve just been dying to know I want to know more about so that’s everything I’m boy I’m super excited so see ya.


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