Another term I’m going to be using that you need to know and understand is metadata metadata is any data that doesn’t directly expose any sensitive information but can be used to expose information about us for example libraries use metadata to sorts books by title author and publishing information having to of any of these three things is enough information.

To find that book open it up and view the contents this is very similar to.

Our digital lives where even though your messages may be encrypted there could be metadata collected like who’s talking to.

Who at what time for how long all things that can be used to figure out what is being said we’re going to explore this further after a quick message hello go incognito viewers just a.

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Post by Kurt Opsahl from the EF f8 digital rights group gives a few examples as to why metadata can be so dangerous they know you rang a phone-sex service at 2:24 a. and spoke for 18 minutes but they don’t know what you talked about they know you call the suicide prevention hotline from the Golden Gate Bridge but the topic.

The call remains a secret they know you spoke with an HIV testing service than your doctor then your health.

Insurance company in the same hour but they don’t know what was discussed so just because the contents of the call or message are confidential doesn’t mean there isn’t.

Data being collected that can give more than enough information to figure things out one organization who abuses metadata is Phi sub who oversees all requests for surveillance warrants against foreign individuals in the US which seems reasonable since it.

Requires a court order the problem is that in 2012 1856 requests were presented and 1856 requests were approved after the court grants a request law enforcement can force private corporations to turn over all of your data and specifically metadata assuming they haven’t already done so I might be saying this hasn’t impact me I’m not one of those 1856 people well if you’re following the tips in this course you.

Could raise a lot of suspicions so yes it still may concern you even if you don’t do anything wrong on top of that one person can ruin it for everybody when the FBI was trying to get Edward Snowden’s emails on lavabit they forced a lot of it to hand over the SSL keys which wouldn’t just let the FBI access Snowden’s keys.

But everyone on lavabit giving access to all lavabit users private emails when the FBI wanted.

Apple to unlock the single iPhone from the San Bernardino case it meant installing a backdoor which would give them access to.

Any iPhone around the world when VPN companies are forced to keep blogs to catch a user it typically means keeping logs on all users on a server so yes you might not be committing the crime but you’re suffering to privacy invasion which without getting too off-topic is why metadata can be just as revealing as the contents in your text emails.

And operating systems a person fell victim to this metadata was John McAfee a cyber security expert in although people don’t typically like him as a person.

He spreads a lot of good information related to privacy and security he developed the McAfee Antivirus which many of you might be using right now McAfee didn’t have the cleanest life though as he admits to living sexual fantasies with guns and bath salts and police where he was accused of killing his.

Neighbor he eventually fled and went into hiding so how did law enforcement find him it wasn’t from his blog post detailing what happened it was actually from a picture he posted on Twitter the.

Picture contained exchangeable image file data or exif data which is photo metadata it includes things like color saturation and other color details as well as the exact location that a picture was.

Taken this is how he was eventually tracked and this is why your camera on your smart phones asks for your location the first time you started up to view the metadata of your files you can use sites like these to see what kind of.

Information there is on a file there are programs and sites out there that claim to delete metadata on your files so definitely take.

Android there’s scrambled exif photo exif for jailbroken iOS devices view exif for non jailbroken iOS devices and the live OS tools includes a tool as well we will discuss tales in section 4 of the course and that’s it thank you for watching I know.

The stuff might not be the most fun to learn about but it is necessary to know and it only gets better from here I promise we have to cover all the basic terms so we can learn about the advanced things later on I’ll see you in the next lesson discussing a neat thing called the.


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