Welcome to another episode here at deep mountain security today I want to go over one thing you can do to help protect stuff on your computer so there’s a lot of things you can do I’ve already kind of gone over some different encryption programs veracrypt we kind of went touched over that briefly I’m gonna show you a little.

Bit more in-depth way that you can do to protect.

Your system but I also kind of want to know it makes it slightly more difficult for people to hack into your computer and reset your password should you lose.

It so either don’t lose your computer or connect it to your Microsoft account so you can use that to reset your password if you have another reset password email or some other way to do that but.

Anyways what I’m gonna show you how to do here.

It’s fairly simple it’s actually we’re gonna go ahead and encrypt our drive oh yeah right okay anyways so Microsoft has a built-in hard drive encryption utility called BitLocker so you can find that.

Just by searching it or you can go through the control panel and go to system and security and then figure out where all those BitLocker go into here and then we can manage.

In here so we go ahead and turn on BitLocker now I don’t have my TPM going through to my virtual machine but anyways this will take you through a couple different things and you can kind of go through this little.
Wizard dinging right here so yes I want to install it or.

Whatever you can even click on this little button if you actually wanted to get specific system requirements and then it’s gonna require that you do have some form of trusted platform module a TPM device which is essentially a.

Hardware level security module device thinking that kind of keeps a hardware based security stuff so you know you might need some different things or whatever and that’s a little bit more in-depth to set up I suppose but so I don’t know if you guys want a video on that but that’s we.

Know that’s one thing you can do and so I just kind of wanted to show you guys what happens.

When you encrypt it so I could use access and stuff like that but what its gonna do is it’s gonna make it so when I boot to my computer let’s say that I’m an attacker or somebody and.

I want to gain access to some files that.

You have on your hard drive you know they might not be encrypted or maybe they’re not you know I know I can get access to them so right now I don’t have.

The BitLocker icon next to my thing but if it had the little bit Locker icon on my hard drive and that mean it would be encrypted so what that allows me to do is if I reboot my machine to something like a USB.
Flash drive like I’ve shown you in previous.

Videos how to build so that way you can boot – a Linux distribution etc that generally gives you access to your hard drive now with that what you can do if you have hot access to the physical machine you can reboot to your flash drive and from.

There you have access to the entire system you can go in and modify the contents of the hard drive and extract password files and credentials and other crazy things and you can.

Kinds of messed up stuff pretty much so yeah kind of crazy stuff anyhow so pretty much yeah that would prevent if you were to encrypt your hard drive not prevent anybody from booty rebooting your computer and going in and accessing your files and doing stuff that you probably don’t want them to have access to.

Now I’m also going to say that not everybody wants to do this for example if you know you’re most likely to forget your.

Computer is in a you know fairly secure environment you’re not worried about anybody stealing and.

Taking your data and you have no valuable data to protect – all the photos of the kids that you took on that you know trip last year or something like that you know but that’s more of like something you probably want to have on a hard.

Backed up to the cloud or somewhere secure and encrypted someplace else offline maybe in a I don’t know in a vault in a bank or something you know that’s the kind of stuff that you know you want to make sure that you have residual access to that’s not necessarily.

The kind of stuff that you want to prevent somebody from stealing you know oh no he’s gonna take a picture of you know he’s gonna attackers gonna hack into my system and steal all my photos you know I mean if you have nude photos then maybe you.

Want to worry about that more but I probably shouldn’t have this anyways you know I don’t so yeah idea anyways so you know it prevents it’s it’s visit it’s a layer of physical security more than anything.

Else you know if an attacker gains remote access to your operating system from an online source you know so if they.

Gain something access and they’ve got a process running in task manager and you know it’s running something that gets a network connection going out to the internet or something you know who knows then you know they.

Might be able to get back in and get data anyways so more than anything else BitLocker is kind of like a physical security type of situation so you know maybe if I have a computer and.

It sits in a public environment like I don’t know Ana mall and I’m not always there to process my credit cards or whatever you.

Know I go home for the night because you know I want to have a life outside of selling pretzels at the mall and his people cellphone they’re usually pretty good anyways so you know you probably if.

You know it’s not gonna be behind bars you know one of.

The kiosk stations or whatever and kind of sits a little bit more you you know sure the mall.

Has cameras and security guards and door locks and stuff like that overnight or whatever but who’s to say some random person in the middle of the day when you’re off on your lunch break and the pretzel shop is closed why is the pretzel shop closed for lunch breaks it should be open but let’s just hypothetically you close the pretzel shop so you can go take a lunch break get someone else’s pretzel shop.

And you’re worried that somebody might come up and try to hack into your computer even though it’s powered.

Off and everything you know and so you know let’s you know.

Maybe that just randomly happens yeah but you never know encrypting your hard drive with BitLocker would essentially prevent somebody from gaining access and stealing your secret recipes to your pretzels while you’re not there and off eating somebody else’s pretzels even though use are probably better because you have seeker recipes now stored on your hard drive you know I’m just making that hypothetical situations here this could be any berserko.

Crazy thing you want to implement you know so once again this is more for physical security with anything else.

If I’m at home you know and I really don’t.

Keep secret recipes that I don’t want the world to have on my offline computer you know and you know I’m probably not super worried about somebody coming in and taking my hard drive and stealing my files I mean unless you have.

Like I don’t know maybe this contained passwords or you have a why why are you saving your passwords and an unencrypted text file in the first place don’t do that.

You know so be smart don’t leave stupid files lying around but people can come in and cake do it I’ll just press that again don’t do it I had and crazy and I’m crazy but not that crazy so yeah physical security more.

And you can first up watching here cuz I’ll probably blab on about physical security for another two minutes or so but yeah so you know I’m probably not terribly worried about somebody coming in stealing my harddrive and trying to steal the files off my hard drive because I really don’t have anything in my hard drive to steal now if I had something on my hard drive to steal then I might want to encrypt it if I had my computer.

In a vulnerable location you might want to encrypt it if.

I you know have sense of thoughts.

And some a little bit sense affine sensitive government documents on my computer which I shouldn’t because I’m on a home computer but if you’re at work at a sensitive location that deals with sensitive.

Information whether that be user’s credit card social security numbers classified information you know stuff yeah you know any of your job requires some kind of a security clearance your hard drives probably if they aren’t should be encrypted to some point you know and your employer most likely takes care of this for you.

Already if you’re at work or something like that you know and there’s a reason this stuff is encrypted because it’s supposed to be sensitive and.

You’re not nobody else is supposed to get to it that’s kind of a given it’s encrypted hello you don’t want people.

Access it however you know if you’re at home and you know you use your computer for nothing more than games you probably don’t need BitLocker if you’re a student and you go to the school and you have homework on your laptop you probably don’t need BitLocker I mean honestly unless you’re like.

No friend like me but worse because I’m a good guy I doubt people are gonna try and steal your homework like honestly I.

Want the plagiarism know your teachers probably gonna catch that anyways because they’re gonna realize the other student submitted the exact same guy so you know really there’s not a lot of situations for a standard home user student mom dad kid child gaming enthusiast for a reason for you to encrypt your BitLocker nobody’s gonna come off and steal your source code to.


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