I don’t know if this will work if you can see what I can see but we’re off try and find some stars heading towards the forests of Ireland we have little baby dead still got a fair way to go it three quarters of a mile turn left onto police Vale road okay we will I think you can just.

About see me there I’m now in as black as we can get I’m on me that the vlogging camera mics I don’t know what it.

Will be like I’m in one of the car parks the forest of bowland and this is meant to be where we have dark skies still pretty arranged so so I am the carpark why you want that you can just about see camera put the.

16 mil then if it’ll catch the focus on the 16 May left one point forum cars over there it is pretty dark yeah you can’t see right down if I get the other torch you.
Can probably see something big torch.

On and now you can see bit as you can see it is not very bright so camera in the car park cars over there a hot over there there’s the road is.

Just here as you can see it comes along some city lights over.

There I’ve been doing trying to use the trees to frame it I can’t really.

An extra light to put on so I will keep coming back to you I’ve got my headlamp torch on and I’ve got the red light on that makes it easy on your eyes I’ve port 10 to 24 lens on currently set at 10 mil because that’s the wise well this is an f4 lens now I’m set on auto ISO just to give myself a quick try to see what.

We look like now I can’t see well enough to do the composition so I’m going to go with and leave it as it is and the start at 1600 ISO I’m on T mode on mine which T mode allows me to put whatever seconds I want in it some 125 seconds now go into that it’s actually telling me that that’s give me about half of two thirds to a full stop overexposure so I’m going.

To give it a go at that we’re at f/4 which is the widest it could go start that on there just tilt this light down a bit it is.

Very black my turn around you.

Can probably see some city lights through the trees over there laughs though you can’t see anything come back.
This image up on the screen now that’s very bright don’t.

Fireworks going off somewhere back to 800 I can see a couple of stars so when I dropped it down 800s ones stop us think we’ll come down to 400.

Not saying two stops now everything I’ve read I need to be about 25 seconds wide open it’s invite everyone point for and that is our about 1600 if not higher so let’s see what we get now now that’s definitely looking blacker can’t see those trees as.

Much it’s very hard to see with the red light I’ll just try and take.

Off I’ll pop the image up on screen for you I’ll send getting dark I can see we’ve got still sitting.

Low over there I think we need to be standing there are a hundred but we’re going to try now is I’ll just try and show you what I’m doing we’re on 25 seconds focus for.

Me there we go 25 seconds f4 I are so 400 and it’s saying that’s giving me minus one and a third was saying so what we want to do we want to know if you can see those or actually trees if I turn that beam on.

Tight we can see trees in the distance they’re focusing on you it’s not doing trees in the distance and then we’re going to.

Go up to the sky and see if we can get an exposure what I’m going to do I’m going to paint so we’re going to set they should say.

Go I’m not using mirror lock-up because we don’t have a mirror on this camera I should really.

Probably use the two second timer but I’m being study so now I’m just painting the trees with the torch just to see if we can light them up a bit and then they’ll give a little bit.

Of foreground interest good image gel on this really let’s have a look I’ll put the picture up on screen for you to see at home that’s what I’m saying why it’s come up in the background from somewhere I’m.

Doing that I’ll try that again one if it’s actually like something just tried say that up it’s not beam coming up from me it’s getting in the image not sure however that’s me doing that side proof-of-concept do one with no light on it just see what.

Happens that’s your cold it was a lot colder before on the beach it’s very quiet so I’m drunk somewhat see now we’re definitely getting a darker sky definitely there is still light coming from the.

Right-hand side I think I can’t see if we’ve got stars so hot see I can see a couple of extremely bright you know.

Around slightly away from that bright orange but just take a reference shot here see what this is goodnes now let’s expose you’re done so the lock can see yeah that’s too dark so that’s over now going to the point of needing to all right so I think that needs to stops at least I don’t never go I haven’t focused.

This camera I’m on manual focus focus on the tree tree is certainly not infinity waiting safe so this is we call a recce so don’t things but it’s get any pictures.

That one’s done and that’s I’m super bright I’ll put our pop back up on screen music reading the sky is one or two stops brighter on the camera and I’m seeing.

It up there so we’re still not nighttime nighttime I don’t think I’ll have to check I have an app that tamson when I think is it clusters nautical night I’m not sure but what that certainly means yes we need about five or six 40 there we.

25 seconds is about the most I think I’m meant to be able to do because of the rotation of the earth if I do longer than 25 seconds and we get startups I’m sure took a picture there because there is a plane flying across my field of view so we may see a streak of light in this picture which will be better than nothing 3 2 1 I.

Don’t even know if it people shall see where the references for that there we are there’s a plane just said video the claim was moving from the bottom left least that’s picking it up plenty of noise in there but we expect that at this ayah so not worried about that and slow them off so I think about you just need to wait for it to get a bit darker well back in Manchester the forest was very hard going I haven’t.

Done enough research so I do really need to actually do a bit more on the internet find where to go go in daylight would be a good pun really and touch to go and have a look and and find somewhere there that I can park a house and got foreground interest overall.


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