Hello to everyone who has joined us today where every yarn is beautiful old from the mountains to the prairies from our homes and native lands in places where the trains always run on time and in earth where they never do thank you so much for taking the time to join your colleagues in participating in today’s discussion my name.

Is angelique Pereira I will be joined shortly by microvolts and your presenter for today James.

Bond sir they will be taking us through all of the interesting information we are about to hear Jeff and I are trust strategist here at Symantec the first original a bleeding in facility of a certificate authority.

And the trusted sole supplier of true and complete website security it is our duty to help you put security first by keeping your up to speed on what is new what is now.

And what is next in security and Trust.

Now I’m really looking forward to hearing all that you has to share with us today but before he does that let’s take care of some housekeeping first you are going to want to switch from a wireless connection.

Through a wired connection the.

Lawson wants to disable distractions such as popup blockers and.

Instant messages and email notifications because this is the type of information that you are going to want to pay full attention to then please do submit any questions you have as they pop into your mind we won’t have a Q&A section at the end of the webinar however we are not able to get to all of the questions we will ensure the questions are answered once the webinar has completed you are also welcome to follow and contribute to this conversation.

On Twitter with the hashtag is.

TR 22 thirdly please continue this conversation with your semantic security specialist for account managers and all the others supporting.

You in our sales product and marketing organizations if you don’t have their contact information we will as a landslide.

Office presentation so please do stay for that fourth we are recording this discussion which will be made available after we complete today along with the internet security threat report infographic which is available for.

Download in the attachment section of this page and you can experience this insight again or share it with your colleagues who couldn’t join.

Us today by simply using the link that got xuxa in the first place and then please do rate this briefing we also welcome comments as supplemental ratings we do rely on your feedback to consistently improve our communications with you last.

But not least and out of respect for everyone in our audience today I understand that English may not be your first language I do heard that.

This welcome and the housekeeping has allowed you the time to get accustomed to my voice not pacing and my accent now without further ado let’s begin now before we get into the facts and stats.
And figures and really great predictions I do want to cover really.

Quickly why we do this Internet security state report it’s because it.

Is important it’s a really big distinction of ours and it’s something that we are very proud of.

Because it delivers you some value the infinite is a very scary.


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