Good morning good afternoon ladies and gentlemen I’d say it’s a pleasure and a privilege to be with you today what I would like to try to do is I would like to try to give a bit of a bit of a different a bit of a more business impact and market impact perspective in terms of what we have.

Seen as a result of the GDP are things fair to say that they as we were getting close to the GDP are d-date the 25th of May we’ve seen a lot of hype I remember.

Going to events like infra security in London in 2017 and seeing you know the whole place filled up with discussions about GDP are I remember being asked to organize a session within the.

RSA Conference in 2018 in San Francisco an event that to a large degree has an American audience and ending up with about a thousand people in the room wanting to hear and discuss GDP our so we have had a lot of attention around GDP our the past few weeks months probably in two years um I don’t want to go into there.

You know is it bad or is it good or you know what do we think of it but rather focus very much on on the facts around the impact of GDP are and certainly from my perspective and experience having spent five years of my life in the GDP are negotiations.

Two two-and-a-half years of my life in the face of you know explaining what this is is I’d Symantec and working with the different teams inside Symantec on what our position needs.

To be so I’d like to begin actually by pointing out to a couple of numbers that I think are very telling according to the IDC.

You know the analyst firm software.

Sales related to GDP are will get to 2.

3 billion by 2017 and will reach 3.

dollars by 2019 between 2016 and 2021 the average constant annual growth rate on sales and software on sorry on.

Software and services is in the range of 20% year on year so conclusion number one we can all agree that GDP R has been expensive has costed money there’s no discussion about that when you see a growth of that size.

We can also agree that there has been a business impact in the sense that a market has been created and you see that very much in the way we see innovation in the way we see companies offering compliance tools around GDP are in the way we see services being offered around GDP our implementation governance data.

Protection officers law firms consulting so and I will even go as far as to say that even when I look at the the smaller and medium European companies that are focused on software delivery implementation of solutions they’ve been benefitting by being able to provide.

These kind of consulting and other services so.

There’s definitely a business is definitely a business impact from my perspective when I look at GDP R I don’t only see a consumer protection I don’t only see a human rights of privacy protection legislation and I stress that very much when I’m speaking to large organizations I see a piece of legislation that regulates information governance that regulates how organizations capture information from its birth all the way to its death how they delete it.

How they destroyed how they no longer use it what do they do if they lose them how do.


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