Domain tools help security analysts turn threat data into threat intelligence they take indicators from your network including domains and IP addresses and connect them with nearly every active domain on the Internet those connections drive risk assessments help profile attackers guide online fraud investigations and map cyber activity to attacker infrastructure fortune 1000 companies global government agencies and leading security.

Solutions vendors use the domain tools platform as a critical ingredient in their threat investigations and proactive defenses for more information visit security weekly comm forward slash domain tools the greatest threat.

To businesses today isn’t the outsider trying to get in it’s the people you trust the ones who already have the keys your employees your contractors and privileged users sixty percent of online attacks are carried out by insiders to stop these insider threats you need to see what users are doing before an incident occurs observe it combats insider threats by detecting risk activity investigating in minutes effectively responding in stopping data lost give it.

Calm forward-slash security weekly today’s determined attackers easily bypass even the most advanced network defenses trying to ramp up staff to detect their backdoors can cost thousands of dollars and take months even years with active countermeasures AI.

Hunter we enable junior analysts to detect even the most advanced backdoors in a matter of hours sign up for a demo and purchase our product today by visiting active countermeasures com forward slash esw active countermeasures make every analyst a hunter are you looking for high performance data storage that’s easy to use yet secure enough for the Department of Defense look no further rack top systems gives business software-defined data storage complete with embedded.

Compliance security and data encryption don’t let cyber threats regulatory demands or the complexity and growth of your data overwhelm your business rack tops high performance data management platform gives you the tools you need to address the most demanding data challenges think beyond storage to learn more.

Visit rap top systems comm welcome back everyone to enterprise security weekly you want to make everyone aware that Derby Khan is holding its first-ever mental health and awareness workshop to help support their efforts please go to Derby con-com forward slash wellness excuse me Matt alderman and.

I will in many others from security weekly we’ll be there at.

Derbycon and I think part of our mental health is drinking bourbon so everyone is welcome to come share bourbon with us it began very much looking forward to that also Matt one thing I was talking about today actually a couple different people is my reading list books that I’ve read that I recommend I’ve really refined this list based on input from lots of people Michael sent Arcangelo was a huge force in recommending some of these books that made the list.

We’ve interviewed a few of the authors on various shows of these books and I.

Call it my business books list but what I’m also finding speaking to mental health is these books really help your your mental health I mean they.


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