All right good evening this is black conservative Patriot I have something I want to share with you folks I going to be going through this fairly straightforward it’s very late I don’t know how many people I’ll have live but obviously this will be this would be then posted to my channel I did a video this afternoon which I’ve.

Finished and I’ve edited and it will be scheduled to upload tomorrow I.

Won’t be uploading it right now because I’m doing this live.

Stream but I will upload it tomorrow and it were though the theme of this weekend is Hillary Clinton finally paying the price of her crimes but one question I got several times on different social.

Media and directly as well from people that that know me you know if they contacted me I got emails I got facebook questions and I got comments on my last a couple videos and it’s about the fact that Hillary Clinton actually withdraw her security clearance so I’m gonna make a video about it but it’s a.

Pretty simple thing so I think I can just go ahead and answer that question and we’ll look at it together so this is not gonna be very long hey Don hey Michele hey man Anne and Alistair appreciate you guys being on here so I’m gonna.

Answer the question to the best of my ability did Hillary Clinton actually withdraw her security clearance so that’s been the news so let’s let’s actually look at some things so the first.

Want to do is actually look at the letter if you do a google search and you put in like Hillary Clinton security clearance I noticed that everything has the same exact or almost the same exact title so I’m just gonna go through it really quick the hill Clinton security clearance.

Withdrawn at her request AP news Clinton security clearance withdrawn at her request CNN Hillary Clinton’s security clearance withdrawn at her request talk about those a 4 a. clam in America drops right everyone says the same thing Hillary Clinton’s security Clint’s withdrawn at.

Her request NBC News Hillary Clinton security clearance burger.

Honor her request AOL news oh my gosh there’s no regionality I mean I guess you got to get to the point with the headlines but they all all have the same exact headline very interesting so this is the this is a story regarding the security class so this there was a letter that was that is the saying that the State Department had revoked Hillary Clinton’s security clearance after she had.

Requested it right so that’s that’s the official thing so there was.

A letter that was dated September 21st but it was poet it was made public yesterday on Friday the 12th.

And this letter is from it was to Chuck Grassley and it was a carbon copy on there was the dishonorable Dianne Feinstein and it’s really interesting.

The letter is being sent to them that wasn’t permission to make it public but when the letter was leased by chuck Grassley who the letter was to Chuck Grassley he’s the one who released it.

Yesterday he did include some sort of note that said that he was authorized to release it so I found that to be very interesting and all this seems to be because of the ongoing investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails and her private server which now is dating.


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