Hello and welcome to another video hearing that drones for you channel my name is Thiago and today I’m going to be showing to you guys the camera yeah the camera here in our buds 3 mini so guys the first thing I want to say is that the link for the product the link for the play list about mjx.
Products are here in the video description don’t forget to check it out the.

Video description now guys you know that I made several tests.

Directly for MJ X in China and the thing is when I was testing these racers they sent me to do different videos videos with the drones flying the drones and videos about the cameras and today it’s a video about the camera and before I say anything let’s see some footage of the flight and remember that I was recording with my fat shark goggle so guys you saw some footage and it was pretty obvious when I was flying in a.

Crow mode because this machine gives you the possibility of flying in a crow and of course flying in angle for the beginners and you guys have.

To see that today we have a lot of wind you guys can see by the trees over there and also by the video it’s too windy for this little guy but nevertheless he made it I am just a little rusty flying racers but that’s ok you could see the quality this is important for you.

To see the quality of the picture the quality here of the video and the first thing that I have to say is that they again the wide dynamic range is not the best so you can’t be.

Comparing this camera to run cam ranh cam camera but you know that you can be doing an upgrade in.

The future and 40s as installing run cam camera if you want you can be putting another camera here and this is amazing now guys another thing this is I have to say I put the antenna like this because it’s better for the signal.

So if you can make a hole here and put the antenna up and last ah the range the field of view of the camera it’s a little narrow but it was okay you know this machine is intended for the beginners so for those who are starting and want to fly fpv for the first time this camera is will be more than okay but again it’s important for you to understand that in the future if you want you can be updating you.

Can be making upgrades in your machine and this is amazing here with mjx ok so guys I hope you enjoyed this video thanks so much and see you guys in the next one bye bye.


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