Hi everybody Nicole here from hair of the dog and I have a very special guest I have Janie Piper of cow belly photography here with me and we are gonna be talking all things pet photography but before we get started I want to make sure this is working because this is new software I usually just go straight Facebook.

Live and I want to make sure this is actually broadcast units as it is so if it is all good I shoot some viewers if you guys want to.

Give us a thumbs up that would be awesome and then we know that uh you can hear us and yes and all that good stuff and then we’ll get started perf and a call I have a little.

Have a little red live thing on my screen so it looks like it’s working on my own stare alright I’ll get started oh and I see ya sorry perfect I just want to check in the group it’s there we’re live oh my god great like Inception we’re in the.

Screen or in the screen anyway I just wanted like jump right into stuff so Jamie why don’t you tell us a little bit about your background and how long you’ve been doing commercial photography and all that good stuff give us your story sure so I’ll keep it really short because I think we have a lot more stuff to go over then we’ll have time to so I started doing pet photography like 18 or 19 years ago and then I started a pet photography.

Business for regular clients in 2003 mm-hmm I started doing commercial work locally in 2003-2004 just for like really small businesses and continued to do that through.

The time that I was doing pet photography for private clients and in 2008 I did my first like big like five day produced.

Shoot with tons of people and huge shot lists so that was ten years ago and then in 2015 I decided to drop the Private Client photography all together and it wasn’t because I didn’t enjoy doing it I.

Just didn’t find it challenging anymore and commercial photography is extremely challenging and I love that I.

Cried off that so I get bored really easily I need I think I need more stimuli your average person so definitely worked increase the challenge and stimulation level so for the last three years I’ve been doing exclusively commercial photography well I might do like one or two private client shoots.

Per year that very rarely I might might but my bottom and price for a private client is fifteen hundred that’s like shoot burn basically so it’s a pretty good way to put off most people who awesome very good well let’s just jump.

Into some of the questions I know our first question.

Here is from Travis and it is pretty much a what is considered commercial photography.

What’s the difference between private clients and commercial photography it’s like what are we talking.

About here yeah so if you do a Google search you’ll find a whole bunch of different answers and my favorite answer and the.

One that’s easiest for me to remember and I think will be easiest for you guys to remember is if you were creating photos.

That are going to be used to sell a product or service for business of any size that is commercial photography so you could do a shoot for a private client and then they’ll email you two weeks later and.

Say hey I have a real estate website and I really want to use your photos on.


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