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News and reviews now on to the news sec will soon rule out extra P as a security according to ripples chief marketing strategist so what this means is let’s say that.

The SEC comes out and says X.

R P is not a security that means it creates a realm of clarity around it because that means that people in exchanges can list X R P safely knowing it’s not a security so we could actually see a huge bump in price if.

A security the SEC saying extra P is not a security can really amplify some price action on the current price of X R P we.

Could possibly see a coin base listing but I’m not holding my breath because coin base is very finicky in the past the reason they have stated for not listing XAR P is the whole security issue but according to Ripple chief marketing strategist it is likely the SEC will say extra P is not a security now.

I have been saying the whole time this debate has been going on that extra P is not.

A security and the reason has just been factual a security means.

That you own a piece of a company that is what.

A security is exort p does not give you a piece of the ripple company so therefore extra P is not.
A security it really isn’t that big of a debate so I don’t know why the.

SEC has held off on this but I’m hoping a decision comes before 2019 so let’s get in the article for a long time there has been a debate regarding the status of X R P token after the SEC established the ethereum in Bitcoin are not securities many in the industry assumed the extra P was not mentioned because it shares some features with security assets even.

Though it really doesn’t in fact the regulatory uncertainty surrounding extra P is part of the reason a white coinbase one of the leading crypto exchanges around the world has decided to hold off on listing the third-largest cryptocurrency per market capitalization and again this third market third largest cryptocurrency.

By market cap extra P has been bouncing between third and second so even more so recently the chief marketing strategist at ripple Cory Johnson said the extra P token isn’t a security and the SEC will verify this soon while his words were meant to be reassuring to investors a confirmation by the SEC.

Is the only thing that could put investors at peace this is because when a cryptocurrency is classified as a security it will fall under the jurisdiction of regulars making it a closed asset the concept of decentralization will be useless in this case and investors will prefer not to put.

Their money into such a cryptocurrency while still being declared a security might hinder ripple from carrying out its plans of launching the X Rapid protocol it will also lead to a decline in adoption because exchanges that do not fall under the SEC S authority will not want any trouble with.


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