Today we’re going to show you how to properly route the antenna that connects to the s-line encrypted security radio that communicates with all of your security and life safety devices if you’ve decided to mount the panel to the wall you’ll use the top two screws and the bottom two screws on the website leaving the bottom right screw hole.

Open the reason you leave the bottom hole open is so that you have a place to put the antenna.

Or similar tool poke a hole through the wall large enough to feed the antenna through the antenna is flexible so it’ll take a little work to get it through the wall this next part could be a little tricky but watch what I do and it can help notice these four tabs on the top of the.

Backplate they correspond to the four points at the top of the panel to mount the panel properly rest it on those tabs at about a 45 degree angle wiggle it left and right a little bit and you’ll feel it fall into place.

Next hinge it downward and use one finger to push the antenna into the wall as far as it will go as long as the antenna and hanging strapper in place you can simply snap the panel closed if you notice a gap at the.

Top this just means the tabs are not seated properly pinch the top until it clicks into place properly routing the antenna will help ensure you have maximum range for all your security and life safety devices huh a lot of hair my not nice I could feel it right as I started talking okay I’m ready.

Today we’re gonna show you how to properly Oh perry forgot the reason we leave the bottom hole open is so that you have a place to opieop using a small screwdriver or similar tool place a hole poked a hole I’ve got it okay poke a hole using a small screwdriver large enough large and after to feed this a party you.


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