I recently bought this Saima x2 2w drone it’s a nice little drone and this was the first of a drawl I bought so I’m really really excited I used it around the week and it’s super light and its handling is very good it’s have a HD camera in the front if we can see that and let me tell.

You what else you can get in the box you’ll get a user manual where you can.

Able to know how you need to calibrate it how you use this drone you can get one controller you need to buy for double-a batteries for it I already bought it and put it inside the controller this is the.

Charging dock where you need to put in the batteries in charge your batteries you have one extra battery over.

Here one is batteries already fitted into the drone and this is the mobile clip you just put your mobile head there and you can put your mobile into the controller like.

This so it’s quite handy you can see the video recording when you are doing it.

And let me just put let me just switch it on the drone and you can able to see you can see the nice little lights blink in there and let me just switch it on this as well.
And if you move up this in tune this like this and one.

And here you go your drone is ready to take off so once you’re able to know the how to use it with the user manual it works so great.
And handling is very nice so thank you very much..


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