Oh I’m fine ma’am thank you though I like him I like it that’s that’s one thing I do but I’m not showing it I’m so but is my writing my privacy because I like the highlight of the trip or should I miss phallusite sergeant I’m sorry excuse I didn’t mean either straight sergeant Felder I like the force that’s.

All I know that’s not true there are some issues are you inside of my brain I know that there are some issues with officer safety when there’s no reason for you to take pictures.

Of the patrol cars can I can I level with you yes officer safety doesn’t drop the Constitution Constitution says I can do this yes ma’am thank you if I need help I know where the front door is I’ll go in and a extra.

Half thank you though is this our vehicle here – six – that’s interesting and I’m all these vehicles parked down the hill are they uh are they still in use they.

Are okay so I got one two three four can you also call them suspicious is not a felony Norma’s demeanor call that into please a lot I’m a journalist ma’am I’m a journalist and I don’t have any persecute interest because the state doesn’t issue them I can make one myself which doesn’t make them legal or balance I’m a journalist that’s what I.
Do I go around I travel take.

Pictures of federal and government buildings police the police and make sure you all are do anything you’re supposed to do that’s all everywhere I don’t.

Wish harm punt how about anybody not at all oh yeah absolutely yeah I don’t I don’t mean any.

In the year willy-nilly in the only intent I just go around taking pictures that’s all I did take pictures take videos post them on my blog Facebook.

You know stuff like that that’s all I do using funds properly if we have to leave oh no no no no I mean I would like to know where my tech support but I mean oh there now I again I’m not here to pension to you about anything right now the offices but I mean this is a.

Particular that tell you about the Constitution and I didn’t expect this garage of officers and quarters and I get y’all asking questions but yeah that’s all no just taking pictures and videos and get some shots to the car’s.

Not here down hill and I go into the courthouse Nexon I mean it is funny that somebody comes and takes pictures of every trocars it’s not I mean but it but again I mean it’s completely legal in a day and that’s just yeah and that’s all I’m doing I’m just and and again I respect that because a lot of officers they try.

To impede on this right and they and they throw that.

Suspicion lure it out and they try to stop you from doing just that they personally don’t like it but but like I tell Americans ran off the law of the land and not personal feelings and personal feelings are subjected to change so you can’t tell me that I can’t do this just because you personally don’t like NS just that’s kind of my breaking fallen police officers they try to put their personal feelings above my constitutional rights and I just don’t agree to it but II but you know but outside of that that’s really.

All up though just take pictures and videos that’s oh no ma’am yes my muse well thank.

You yes ma’am so yeah we’re I think that went well to begin with would in with really talk to sergeant Fowler of the Asheville Police Department I guess you saw that she couldn’t pull one over we got to talking him she understood where I was coming from and that’s just what I’m doing again I won’t i won’t tie to this First Amendment I was going brother I’m alright thank you yeah I – just.

A First Amendment on it cuz I mean I don’t really look at it as Aude it just respect for the First Amendment I don’t I wouldn’t call it audit but I’m not to get ready to sign off this.

Are freezing I got two or three more stops y’all stay tuned for those videos that was Sergeant Fowler as we were Police Department I people hid her.

Information down and you ready to head out to my next stop y’all be safe thank y’all – Nia.


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