Oh I wish I was real or not real I lived through it so many times I’m scared honestly I know that the title of this video is sleep process gone wrong the whole like gone wrong I guess subtitle and it’s kind of been abused on YouTube lately I feel like it’s usually used for clickbait purposes but did it.

Really did go wrong it’s been a hell of a couple weeks to say the least.

Bit here to give you guys some context on.

That clip basically I’ve been planning a sleep paralysis topic video for quite some time actually pretty much since I started the series and I knew I wanted to wait a couple episodes in to really dive into that topic and just kind of cover the basics first but I was not expecting to actually experience I never sleep paralysis episode while I was in the process of covering the topic let me back up some more vague eyes and kind of give some of you.

Who maybe don’t know what sleep paralysis is or haven’t have it to kind of give you an idea of what it is you can look it up pretty easily online and it has.

A bound damnit webaim’s epage I feel like there’s two different kind of views on it so the first view is more of like a scientific view where basically they think that your body like when it goes into that stage of dreaming it essentially paralyzes itself so you can’t act out dreams like you can’t run a punch and scream and do all this crazy stuff that you’re doing in your dreams which makes sense because it’s probably safer that way but they.

Basically think that your mind wakes up during that process so your body still thinks it’s asleep and still is in that paralyzed state and your mind is is trying to react or wake up and it just causes a whole bunch of panic and confusion and then there’s the other side of things which is more more.
About art historic point of view where basically they think that there is a.

Specific Incubus or demon so there’s just one and essentially it Hans people and their sleep so it’ll come to you and essentially torture you and tell you what go and that’s kind of what I based my artistic rendition of this video around in the video there’s you know the male lead Caleb and he is laying on the forest ground and then we see the Incubus or demon kind of.

Like creeping around in the forest like ready to like prey on him basically and within the video I depicted like his arms being restrained by some sort of force whether it’s like vines are just like pure like like an invisible restraint on it so he’s like struggling a bunch and he’s on his back which is a.

Very traditional sleep paralysis and like you can’t like get up if any of you ever had it you understand like it literally feels like you’re like bound to the bed by your wrists and your feet in your chest especially like that’s.

Like a huge huge like traditional like experience within sleep process if you feel like a weight on your.

And almost like you’re choking and then also when he wakes up he’s in the bed still kind of restrained and then I kind of like appear or.

The Incubus appears on top of him kind of like hunched over.

Chest which when my favorite art historic paintings is like if you compare them side-by-side which I’ll do right now basically you can see that I like replicated the art historic meaning which if you ever want to look it up it’s called the nightmare it’s a 1781 I think so 1781 oil painting by Henry Fuseli I know I’m probably mispronouncing that yeah basically Henry depicts this kind of like demonic creature sitting on this lady’s chest I completely love.

That painting and I loved the whole like concept because I feel like if anybody’s experienced it does seem very personal like when you experience Lee process you like.

This demons got a thing out for me like he would it have a personal issue with me and it feels.

So I don’t know I really liked how you depicted that.

Because it seemed like a very intimate moment and like a lot of.

Cases it’s also like a super like sexual experience like in the sense that like they’re usually trying to seduce you or take advantage of you in some way as well which really sucks the concept has gone like so far back and time and so many artists up covered it is so many.

Renditions of it even nowadays but I kind of wanted to put my own twist on it by kind of switching the roles because usually the Incubus or whatever is depicted as male and is usually always crying out a female I wanted to kind of like switch up the pace and do a female Incubus and a male victim I guess yeah so that kind of explains the.

Artsy version and we’re always going with it hopefully you guys like it with that being said I’ve been planning like I said this whole month this topic for you guys and we shot that in Portland a couple weeks ago and I was like doing a bunch of research and stuff like that like make sure I got my facts straight for you guys and three days ago.

I literally had one of the worst sleep paralysis experiences I’ve ever had I’m just going to go ahead and play the video it’s kind of like quality because I like woke up from it and immediately got out of bed ran to my car and just drove to my boyfriend’s house because I was just in sheer panic and sprayed to the fuck out and I just I had to get out I just had was house and I decided while I was going down those cars.

Like you know what I should tell this I mean even.

Though I’m like four distracted by which has happened I feel like I should film this just on my phone so I.

Can record my emotions at this exact moment and it won’t be I guess clouded by me kind of just associating and like kind of checking.

Out emotionally and suppressing and handling it mentally like I didn’t want.

I wanted to be very raw and very pure.

Of an experience so I’m going to go ahead and play that and then I will recap afterwards I.

Scoops missus and trying to set up my family just basically at the same time I was high bed right I have a loft bed so it’s kind of close to doing it I can sit up straight and I won’t hit my head but didn’t know I could like stand on my.

Bed I was flying now my back.

And I noticed something maybe on the wall and.

Had actually family crawling I’m suing above me like what like actions of style like on the fucking ceiling caught like I’m laying on my back.


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