Tips on how to get your images sharp while shooting wide open stay tuned okay so today I’m gonna be shooting Samantha and I was asked a question on my Facebook page on how do I get my images so sharp while shooting wide open first what you want to do is I’m shooting with the Canon 5d Mark 3 today.
And I have a Canon 35 millimeter 1.

Well first off before we even get started if you’re going to be shooting at a 35 millimeter and you want to get you know sharp images.

You want to make sure that the shutter speed is higher than the number.

That’s printed on your lens that’s if you don’t have image stabilization shoot at 130.

Over second and get a sharp image and I want to show you those techniques in just a second Oh tip number one what you want to make sure is you want to make sure that your your arms are tucked into your body like this and this is gonna.

Create stability for your camera and now your body is one instead of you having your arms in a wing.

Position so you want to make sure you’re tucked in just like this and if you have a longer lens you want to use your left hand and prop it underneath your lens to stable your lens now your wrist you want to kind of keep loose not really loose but not real tight cuz you don’t want to create the attention you want to.

Have your camera loose at the top but you want a head to be tucked in and another thing you want to do is breathe it’s almost like shooting the gun you want to breathe I’m gonna focus on Samantha here and I’m gonna take a breath and then.

The shutter button that’s what I do to get all my images sharp every single time and you got to practice on your breathing and you got to practice on your tuck before we even continue this you’re gonna have to practice that’s just how you going to get good at it especially shooting at lower shutter.

Speeds so today for this image we’re sitting in our hotel room in Iowa because we’re back you’re ready to shoot a wedding and the window light is.

Behind the camera so I have Sam to sit in this chair and it’s going to be exactly same process that I just showed you just a few seconds ago and I’m gonna show you have 130 of of a.

Second and home or just my ISO f-stop accordingly so almost you wide open the next thing I want to talk about before we shoot this image and I want you to stay tuned because the image is going to be at the end so you can see it next thing on the Canon and.

Cameras you need to make sure that your lenses are fine-tuned in your Canon menu you can go ahead and fine-tune and make micro adjustments to the lens to make sure that.

The focus is hitting at the right spot to make your images sharp thing on the Nikon cameras you want to do the same thing since I’ve been using Sony native or Sigma I haven’t had to fine-tune any lenses with the Sony cameras only Canon and Nikon I’ve noticed that I have to fine-tune those lenses if you’re shooting Sigma lenses you want to get a spiral in scowl to make.

Sure you calibrate your lenses correctly third tip that I’m going to tell you today is since we’re gonna be shooting with this window light and I want to expose for her face two things happen when you’re shooting natural light one is either the subjects gonna be correctly exposed and the background is gonna be underexposed or the background.

Is gonna be overexposed and your subject is gonna be underexposed that’s why we add in flashing that’s why HSS users or off-camera flash users use flash to fill in because they expose for the background let’s get started with this shoot right now I’m gonna put Samantha in this seat right now all right so since samantha is sitting in this seat right here like I said we’re going.

To be using the Canon 5d Mark 3 and I am going to set my okay I’m gonna turn the camera on first I have it set to 1/30 of a second because I wanted to show you that I.
Have image stabilization on and I’m going to meet her for her real.

Quick to see where we’re at we are underexposed right now we’re to 8 so I’m going to adjust my if spot or f2 on this camera I’m so sorry but adjust my eyes o2 so ISO 320 1/30 of a second at f/2 so I’m gonna tuck in and we use the window light for Samantha.

So imma get in front of the camera so you can see so if you can see that right there one thirtieth ISO 320 and ft so I’m tucked in I’ll focus on her focus on our eye and take a deep breath now I’m going to zoom in on the image at 1:30 of a.

Second it’s pretty sharp let’s shoot one more tuck in focus and I’ll put a image I’ll put an image on the computer in just a second so you can see it cropped in so if you learn something in this video please share.

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Sam cerrado ok and you spelled it is is a M is e oh oh oh don’t forget that not that.
A great deal with ATO so we’ll see y’all soon peace out..


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