It’s their creamy to the crevices the edge of your mouths silently stop you just beyond the corners of your eyes something is desperately wrong you try to scream then there a light a candle in the Stygian das upheld the right hand of the little figure he stood to front of the cage there it is shining through the sill.

Whoa god greetings and welcome to.

The hidden path podcast I’m your host residence rich this show is brought to you by godlike for those not familiar godlike Productions is a website set up in the format of a community forum or people from all around the globe can discuss topics that range from current events all the way to far-out conspiracies for.

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And an awesome feeling inside knowing you’re helping.

Out a community that isn’t on the side of the big bag fake MSM we also have a website for the podcast it is HTTP WWJD and path.

Podcast calm tonight it is Saturday night September 29th the 2000 18th year of our Lord and my guest tonight is GOP. deplorable astronaut he is a well known figure on godlike productions as a very talented and gifted astronomer he brings us a lot of great content he’s got a YouTube channel it’s called astronomy live where he shows us the.

Majestic scenery of the universe that he has captured with astrophotography and I got him on the line here with me now how you.

Doing after month to be here oh it’s an honor to have you on man yeah just speaking of GLP how long have you been a user of GOP by the way pull that up right now I’ve been I’ve been on there for nine years now go out ten years next July yeah man you’re a well-known figure they’re a lot of people they really love your content they love your you’re very um intelligent when it comes to.

This kind of thing and you spend a lot of time debunking some of the more crazier theories we got.

Floating around about space in the universe you know probably because you’re a little bit closer to it than most of us yeah around it and you know the funny thing about it is when you debunk stuff like that.

You have to understand the subject yeah even if you think you understand it you end up learning a lot more about it that you otherwise wouldn’t have learned because there’s just so many things.

That you have to familiarize yourself with in order to address a particular claim so you might know at.

A high level well the claim is wrong because X Y & Z but if you really want to get down to the knee degree you have to educate yourself even more so in the process I’ve it’s improved me it’s made me a better amateur astronomer yeah yeah and that’s like life itself we you know we we encounter things we.

Don’t understand we try to learn and in in the process we learn more for ourselves so that’s great um what are some of the more aggravating ones that you got to deal with or what’s the most.

Aggravating one that you encounter the most maybe well you know it’s funny I was.

Just on another YouTube channel earlier earlier tonight addressing an aggravating one it started off as I’m not kidding someone a couple guys actually claiming with.


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