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gov/calendar this is a great time of day to experiment a little bit you can make up for a darker scene by using a longer or slower shutter.

Speed this will let it enough light to properly expose your shot if you’re kind of new at.

This you can try putting your camera in shutter priority mode in the shutter priority mode.

Or TV mode you pick the shutter speed and the camera chooses the aperture for you okay so what happens in shutter priority mode the camera is gonna make up for the long shutter by closing up the aperture an example a five-second shutter may warrant an aperture of F 13 or F 16 remember that in shutter priority mode you’re letting the camera choose the aperture okay so I got two tricks for you trick.

Number one try using a tripod because you’re shooting at such a longer slower shutter speed you’re going to need to use.

A tripod it’s gonna stabilize your camera and reduce motion blur a trick number two try using a remote shutter release every time.

You hit the shutter button with your finger you’re gonna shake the camera just a little bit a remote release means you don’t have to worry about this you don’t have to touch your camera to trigger the shutter so what type of photography can you take using shutter priority mode you can take night images low-light photos downtown skylines light trails motion photos and much much.

More okay so I hope this gives you a little bit of an understanding of shutter priority mode.

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