This week on the time-lapse show let’s say you want to make your time-lapse shots crisp and clean and sharp or let’s say you want to make your time-lapse shots silky and kind of creepy looking both things can be accomplished simply by adjusting your shutter speed let’s explore that in this week’s episode hello fellow time-lapses I am video producer.

Of photographers Steve Barth this is show number 12 for the week beginning October 21st 2018 for those of you that have been watching you’ll have noticed that I’ve been gone for about six weeks the show has been kind of on a hiatus unexpectedly anybody.

That does video production knows that when your phone rings and a client says hey can you come film you know X Y & Z you go film X Y & Z and even though they might say you know what this is gonna a Q PI your time lapse cameras for 18 hours a day for the next little while you do what you gotta do to make a living so my cameras have been engaged shooting time-lapse photography but that’s not allowed me to be producing this show.

Luckily now we are back on the air I’ve got a bunch of awesome new shows planned for the future some new ideas for some content and so we are gonna continue going on so let’s talk shutter speed just for a minute as a photographic concept what happens when you are taking a picture when you push down on the button on your camera is the camera is engaging the shutter is going click click it’s closing and opening back up now your shutter speed is how fast your camera is gonna do just.

That so for instance if you’re shooting say sports photography you want really fast shutter speeds you want to capture quick moments you want to capture that quick you know nice and sharp in focus shot of that hurdler going over the hurdler so you.

Want a high shutter speed so that when you hit the button it takes really really fast shots now if you’re shooting things like.

Say stars in the sky there’s not a lot of light coming from those stars so you want to be able to really slow down your shutter speed and some cases you need to hold.

Your shutter open commonly when I’m shooting things outside at night I’m holding my shutter open for like.

30 seconds at a time so click hold hold hold 30 seconds later and then it comes back so what you want to do with your shutter.

Speed is figure out an appropriate speed for what it is you’re capturing and when you’re taking time lapse shots where you’re.

Taking a whole bunch of photos all together at once you want to.

Make sure your shutter speed is optimized where you want it to be now this really is going to be artistic.

In nature because you can do a lot of cool things with shutter speed but it all depends on what you want to do are you looking for a real crisp shot you’re gonna want higher shutter speeds if you’re looking for something that’s a little more silky and smooth.

As I mentioned earlier in the show you’re gonna want to lower those shutter speeds now let’s go to the computer where I can show you some examples of some of the recent stuff that I’ve shot and how shutter speed is affecting those.

Shots so one of the things that I had the opportunity to do within the last few months during the hiatus was go to a hot.


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