Have you ever think how people are able to freezing the motion in their images and shooting the light rails or the car trails and you want to learn them so you are on the right place so parcel patches are cheesy pasta and today I will that with the another video of the series and where I talk to you.

About shutter speed so first we understand what is actually shutter the shutter is the door in your camera so when your drawer is closed so when no light comes in your camera basically when your camera is not fired so no light comes in your camera and using the camera sensor and the button that.

Flies the camera is also called the shutter or shutter button because it rigged the camera to open the shutter we talk about what is shutter speed the shutter speed is the length of our time your camera shutter is open to exposing the light onto your camera sensor now question is that how can we measure shutter speed to shutter speed is measured in the seconds maybe in the fraction of a second for example.

One upon one hundredth of a second one upon two hundredth of a second one upon four hundredths of a second and so on now imagine one upon one hundredth of a second it means you.

Take one second and you are making the 100 equal pieces of it and you are using only the front phase of hundredth of a second for example the one upon four thousand of a second is greater than the one upon two thousand of a second it means running up on four thousand of a second is faster than the one up on two thousand of a.

Second to the denominator is greater the shutter speed is faster and the denominator is lesser the shutter speed is slower the.

Shutter speed is responsible for the two particular thing first is changing the brightness in your image and second creating a dramatic effects by either freezing the action and blurring the motion.

And you can take a very good photos by using the slow shutter speed like Milky Way panning shorts and light painting but on the other hand the slower shutter speed is effect on your exposure which hits the brightness of image means when you are using the slow shutter speed so your camera shutter will be open for a long time and the resulting photo will become white and.

The your camera sensor hit only the small fraction of a light so you can adjust your exposure by.

Using shutter speed aperture and I hope you guys enjoy the video like and subscribe my channel I saw you talk to you in the next 100 Empire and do what you love and love what you do.


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