It’s working oh yeah c7 Nikon great camera amazing grip strong construction why I decide to get a c7 simple lens I got tons of Nikon lenses the Sun is great but I cannot afford to keep buying more glass for an old system because I have a lot of glass Nikon glass I want to test the sharpness of the.
Camera using extreme ISO say we use the nikon AF 7200 2.
8 with the new Nikon if they say FTC mount finally got it I shoot everything in continuous shooting mode age.
And see Elmo shooting speed fie so I can get the max speed of.

A non-sporting camera that’s what they say I want to find out if this camera had the same ISO capabilities of the d800 series I did a similar comparison about a month ago with the sony a7r – the photos was great but a lot of grain in this case I did the same.

Thing no grain you know was sharp I know it’s not fair to make a comparison between.

The c7 and I am the sony a7r – I know maybe they 7 R 3 is better no no but this is what I have the c7 I’m talking about the system and know about the Sony by.
The way this video is being recorded on.

The Sony rx100 v5 because I love this camera it’s a.

For small little camera with a lot of capacity especially for vlogging is great let’s check it out you will notice the change.

Of the ISO in the different batch of photos the idea was to compare the different ISO if I can see Cranor distortion in the photos the photos are great sharp beautiful difficult to see the difference between the changes of the.

ISO and is similar to the da 50 and this camera can be used for anything sports portraits weddings whatever this beautiful is so sharp is amazing the actions photos that we can take with a Nikon c7 Sony Ni and the.

Nikon d5 are high-speed continuous shooting cameras that can make your life easier doing sports photography I don’t understand why some people say this camera cannot be used for sports for many years I did the same with a d800 and the many sport events with our camera many of my photos was even published in some magazines yes it’s not an easy task to know all the settings needed take these kind.

Of photos it’s a professional camera next week we have a new review some of the new zealanders feel free to share your questions with us and we will try to answer all of them a feel free to subscribe to our Channel you.


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