Where’s the hey it’s david here from sahara studios I’m here in Montego Bay Jamaica on a destination wedding shoot for Carmela and mikan they had their Catholic ceremony in Ottawa Canada and now they’re having the three part Hindu celebration here in Montego Bay so I’m going to show you some celebrations that we shot and some of the behind.
The scenes from all their photo shoots here.

In Montego Bay hope you enjoy all right we’ll do a nice simple one that gets looking at.

Each other it’s a nice background perfect that’s a good spot much better all right right there beautiful and a little bit more this way guys take a step that way very nice perfect all right look back towards the capella beautiful and again before another very nice smile again there we go every guys each other lamella woman will smile so we’re almost on the.

Photo shoot the last five minutes we’re on the last pier and I think they’re getting pretty tired so.

We’ll wrap it up and that’ll be it for the photo shoot it’s a very very windy right now but we’re almost done we’re.

Almost done it looks the photos are fantastic I hope you guys enjoyed some of the behind the scenes here in Montego Bay Jamaica and if you’re interested in some of our photography or videography then.

Contact us at 2:00 Suarez throws calm boys to soir films calm and if you fill up the form on the website we’ll send you all of our packages within 5 minutes I hope I can meet you very soon and talk about all the great shots that would get for you bye for now you.


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