Raincloud has made the nonprofit sector a priority because we recognize that all areas all organizations deserve access to the best possible technology in the world our mission as a company is to help organizations transform how they operate and take advantage of all the benefits that come with cloud computing and using Amazon Web Services the budgets that come to.

The table with nonprofit organizations are always you know hard-fought and very important to the success of our entire organization so I think the number one challenge is finding a way to get as much value and as much capability.

Or as much outcome out of those every penny invested we chose AWS because it was clearly the leader in the space back when the company was founded the value we get out of the competency program is that nonprofit organizations have a certain way of working the competency allows us to demonstrate very quickly to those organizations that we understand their needs we understand how they operate and it allows us to move very quickly from figuring out can.

We as an organization work together to getting busy solving the problem we work with colleges and universities we work with other nonprofit government agencies a couple that I’ll mentioned specifically one.

Is American Heart Association we’ve helped them build a platform for performing precision medicine on AWS another is Wix of worldwide information command systems they have a system where they help first responders understand how to respond and how to negotiate all the aspects of arriving safely at an event that’s going on what we like about working with public sector is that the.

Skills and knowledge that we’ve gained by working with those customers translates very nicely to other security and compliance focused customers and other industries as well and you join the technology with the humanity factors or the special causes or the altruistic focus that some of these organizations have and really makes.
A very interesting mix in a very compelling.

Story to come the work in the morning and do our best to make them successful you.


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