All right good afternoon and good evening everybody how’s everyone doing yeah hey I like it there’s some enthusiasm here this is fantastic it’s great to have you guys in this new space so this is pretty new here it’s we’ve been here about three weeks what do you guys think of the loft space yeah good good and hey welcome.

Everybody on Twitch as well we’ve got a live feed and livestream here for tonight’s announcements so really excited to see you guys online as well so thanks for joining us my name is Aaron Kelly and I’m a general manager and product marketing in AWS responsible for some of.

Our compute services including the announcements here today so I’m really excited to be here to share with you some of our investments in Linux moving forward from AWS so it’s a very exciting time for us and we’re excited to kind of get.

Your feedback on what we’re building and what we’re announcing today now we’re doing a little bit different event a little bit different format so we kind of have a smaller setting here gives you an opportunity to.

Get a little some extras kind of like the extras you get with Linux – if you guys have had a chance to take a look at it yet so it’s a smaller.

Setting we’re gonna go a little bit deeper with some exclusive content from the service leaders around what they built more details around the announcements there’s a great hands-on area afterwards where you can get hands on the product start to demonstrate it but I think most importantly tonight it’s really about engaging with the.

Engineers who brought you this innovation so there’s an opportunity to have questions ask questions and really hang out with those engineers give them feedback so we can really keep that cycle going here and.

Within the community so we’re really excited about this please give us feedback on this style of event because we’re looking forward to doing this more and more often with some of these key feature launches so with that let me jump into the agenda here and maybe I’ll jump into the agenda there go all right there we go all right so.

Amelie MC tonight and kicking us off next up after me will be Nathan Thomas and Nathan is a veteran of AWS he’s gonna talk to you about Linux and a lot of the announcements today go into more detail then we have our very own Jeff Barr chief evangelist for AWS how many people are here excited to see Jeff yeah there we go there.

We go I see a lot of purple shirts in the crowd so you got a following here.

Jeff so Jeff’s gonna give us a.

Demo and talk more about this technology and how he uses it then we have this opportunity to shift into the other space where we’re gonna have some hands-on labs there’s going to be a.

Fun trivia game all right so there’s a little contest here so based on the content you’ll see during this presentation there’ll be a series of questions that you can answer and whoever gets them all right has an opportunity to win a Kindle Fire as well as an echo device so put your competitive get your competitive juices flowing there’s an opportunity to.

Win something here a little bit later of course we’ll have some drinks some food and just again a great opportunity to interact with the engineers that brought you this technology they’re really eager to.

Hear your feedback and start the dialogue so with that I am gonna hand it off to Nathan now Nathan joined Amazon in 2009 where he led.

Was part of the retail group and he led the Linnet Linux platform investments there then he came over to AWS and actually led the first release of Amazon Linux.

In 2010 he spent some time in ec2 and the fleet group and most recently is a GM responsible for Amazon workspaces so Nathan’s really well positioned to talk to you about all these great announcements tonight so please welcome.

Nathan thanks David well a very very excited to be here tonight great to see everybody coming out to hear more about Amazon Linux and about workspaces so really looking forward to getting to spend some time after the session as well got a good QA time coming and then feedback sessions so as Erin said we’ve got a lot of folks from the team here who built the products were describing tonight and so a great opportunity to interact both directions and get.

Some of that feedback going so I’ve been with Amazon since 2009 before that I spent a decade or more doing Linux related activities that companies like Red Hat and so it was really exciting for me back in 2010 to be.

Part of the launch of Amazon Linux AMI so just kind of thinking about the history of that product a little bit when we launched at the time it.

Was really the first operating system that was cloud first so the idea of having an OS whose focus was to be a successful part of the development environment for a cloud just really hadn’t been done before and so that original version included some great utilities like cloud in it it included the AWS CLI s and SDKs and.

It was integrated well so that it was easy to work with and it was easy to launch part of the QuickStart list and it was easy to find and discover so we did a lot of things just to make it easy to use Linux in the cloud of course that original version we took a pretty simple mentality.

Which was we’re gonna update it every six months so every six months like clockwork there’s been a new.
Amazon Linux ami that’s come out that.

Meant that everybody who was running an older copy on a server they could always patch and provide updates to those instances so you could pull in the updated versions or you could move to the new ami and.

Get the latest and greatest then included security patches so we constantly release a stream of patches and one of the big early decisions we made was that the default behavior was for every server to get those patches for.

Security so that meant that a lot of customers I think you otherwise necessarily wouldn’t have gotten those patch set.

Supplied really got them kind of a default so huge kind of differentiator for us that that was happening happening.

All the time and so that’s been out in market for eight years a pretty solid track record of deliver those results overtime and of course now millions of instances of that launched and have been running so it’s the base for the most of the AWS services as the base firm is on retail so it’s a it’s a big part of what we do these days but you know Jeff Bezos likes to talk.


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