Good morning everyone welcome charity seminar presentation titled visit era P in the management of childhood amnesia Sakura – sickle cell anemia these are the hotlines childhood I’m Alicia is in a patient who sustained injury above the above the age of one year the cost of employer in Syria are many and often not well understood it is very important.

To understand that the etiology features of childhood Amelia are different from that of adult and Lydia and.

The definition and pooja is derived from the Greek words at me which means of our pleasure which means paralysis we need to top our list of one side of.

The body closing the face harm under lid the term in the Paris is used interchangeably.

With Anna pleasure is the first witness on one side of the body the major effect is what a deficit which impact on the person’s ability to acquire a skill which we resisted with sensory cognitive impairment and these are the epidemiology current incidents vary from one point 3 to 13 power on retarder children and the mortality.2 the one 100,000 for children under 5 to 14 years pathophysiology blockage of one or more action by blood clot get in to lack of blood and Neutra supply to the british you didn’t – damaged brain tissue so provider actually and loss of function of the damaged brain tissue cerebro cerebra.

Sign no venous thrombosis and this is superficial and if in the dream blood from the brain into the nose a nose I’m not.

A blood clot form in DV or sinuses in PA drainage decreases oxygenated blood supply to the area leading to necrosis of the tissues of larvae that are trained and resulting in bleeding due to bad pressure it’s allergy the vascular diseases head trauma brain tumor central nervous.

System infection development anomaly and cadet etiology and desire this fact Flora’s factors we have intravascular vascular and Ambala tick prevention region of awareness and eta2 vision also antithrombotic therapy most agree with that area is chemic stroke especially those with assistant a telepathic also children with headaches chronic cerebral vascular conditional execution disease require a Gruffalo hop and repeat Syria neuro imaging sad sighs signs and symptoms we have unconsciousness addict.

For me Tunisia before metaphysics a decision in payment usual implement and cognitive deficit I mean for differential diagnosis we have Todd’s paralysis acute.

Disseminated and the variety and varieties of simple virus are simple virus and the varieties prognosis absence of seizure indicate better outcome prolonged seizure recurrent seizure difficult to control and require modem or auntie confidence as.

Jitter with serious new development at Lee and long-term disability diagnosis child is diagnosed through due to history and technical examination neuroimaging such as CT scan MRI also an inflection screaming like Oh blood cell count and the kind of gradual approach it is a biopsy the many.

Carbon is made involves uncovers a drug which really knocked out the ejection why for surgical management we have a $10 late knee and move to to me physiotherapy management is a perceptive enormous capacitation by a bit but strength imbalance Trini and by monotherapy constraint induced therapy treadmill training is over – geez dexterity Trini and Adric terapy conclusion appearances on dual reeow integrates the cause of.

Significant mortality and morbidity infections continue to be.

Important cause of neuro deficit studies with long long time for hope of children.

With inferences are required to give order knowledge about the natural is real subsequent risk of recurrence recommendation today with high-risk chronic cerebrovascular conditional execution they require follow-up a repeat Syria neuro imaging guidelines or physical manual of shadow and leaders also require thank you for listening.


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