How many computers are used throughout your organization chances are too many which costs you money did you know that it’s possible for everyone in your department to use a single computer it’s called desktop virtualization in computing offers two unique methods to make desktop virtualization a reality in your organization v-space pro and verde VDI v-space pro is cost-effective using.

A single host computer to provide computing resources to a group of users performing similar tasks.

Also referred to as one-to-many virtualization v-space pro takes a single operating system and application set and shares it across multiple users where each user will have their own Windows user account as an administrator you only have one host system to maintain while up to 100 users benefit v-space.

Pro is a perfect fit for classrooms libraries workgroups SMBs and other places where a common user experience is advantageous verde VDI is a desktop virtualization solution that provides discrete dynamically provisioned virtual machines by making multiple operating systems and application packages known as gold images available to users based.
On their role in the organization allowing for a wide.

Range of computer configurations Verde VDI provides one-to-one virtualization of data and personalization each user has their own provisioned personalized computing environment with its unique cloud branch.

Feature Verde VDI is a perfect fit for decentralized organizations such as.

The government Defense higher education.

And the enterprise where maximum flexibility and security are required now you know how n computing desktop virtualization solutions saves you time.
Money and effort get started now..


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