After three days of total uncontrolled chaos the snow starts to melt and normalcy comes back to the lodge Jeff hands over a smoker gun to me and my guys get it done in very short order Darrell hits a deer and totals a spawning vehicle which causes its own kind of drama I come up with a plan to keep.

Daryl in the game while the rest of the crew scrambles to put one more hunt together can we pull this off and maintain our sanity oh boy I’m Claudio on garel and I take people hunting I woke up.

One day as a 27 year old schoolteacher and said to myself I’m gonna build a hunting lodge that was 23 years ago now I leave my dedicated team.

Of guides for 63 days each fall exposing my clients to some of the best waterfowl hunting of.
Their lives controlled chaos epic hunts across.

Five million huntable acres we are hired to hunt thattaboy Melvin the console and the jaywalked him we did the white coveralls again weight suits in chairs in the snow and we got all.

Our darks and handful of snow snow it was fun it was a real pretty pretty pretty hunt big flights doing it right up the gut as good as we’re happy 114 bird morning Jay got 53 geese we got twenty-four geese forty ducks perfect day all right so we just came off you know three or four days of the absolute worst conditions you could imagine me driving snow rolled into wet white conditions and then last night.

We had a clear calm night with a full moon you know we still managed to pick up my email shut all his.

Docks both of us packs a few snows jae’sean haul of his dark piece and a handful snow so I mean we could have asked for a better transition into this this next time you know put smiles on these other’s faces or just we’re happy they’re happy and we’re ready to get back to some normalcy in.

Some dry conditions you know get back I’m probably gonna do a duck cut this afternoon you.

Know it’ll be business as usual tonight the guys will go out we’ll try to put two big combos together we can and and if we can treat up to roll a spot we’ll shoot on Saturday morning and wrap it up you know we’ll see what happens but butters are happy that’s all that matters you know okay so once we get up around this hill where the approach.

Is there we’re gonna go in we’re gonna bump them right away so okay so Jeff Jeff dropped me off put me in on Wes to put of his hunts and just throw up the day things changed and I think I’m gonna hunt the field instead right in the puddle which was the original plan good thing I’ve got everything with you so we’ll be good be good okay look at this guy’s right right behind me these birds are.
On approach they want to feed they want to feed and they.

Want to feed right here perfect we got to do this all.

Right guys let’s do this row row row right right behind them guys this whole time for my Superboy hope you picked up some hours so we’re two days after the storm everything’s starting to dry out the birds are starting now to feed twice.

A day again so stuffs getting back to normal all right well I can’t get to you right now I can pick you up later but I we got to get try and get these hunts together I I got two hunts but I can’t.

The landowner isn’t home the other one I called on it’s been taken we’re kind of in a mess you’re in a mess too out you know I’m bad luck buddy the street Robert for those two guys we’re putting on a win today kill the dollars boy killers nice condition guys that’s a wrap gentlemen pulled up here today and all the birds were feeding we’re gonna have a puddle hunt.

And unfortunately you know I tell you what forchette had those trailers and I mean they did every.

Bird like right over the Robo ducks just doing the dance I can’t thank Jeff enough for handing this one off you know it was good real good got it done ah good okay so here’s the plan I’m gonna send Danny are awesomely awesome camera guy and he’s gonna go he’s gonna go pick up Darryl and that perfume I have ducks hid in the puddle they can put this to bed I’ll race home I’ll hop in the Wilding truck and I’ll have 15 minutes to spot okay.

I got I got a guy I gotta get rolling man but by bike oh but okay so this is the scramble Danny you are actually gonna go get Darryl and you’re gonna come back button this one up and I’m gonna take the hunters back.

Hop in the welding truck and go spotting so we got everybody we’ll be back on the road let’s roll four or five of them came right out of this patch of.

Trees really had nowhere to go either go hit that pole hit the trees or hit a deer and that’s what happened jumped right into the ride took the ride out and can’t really drive anymore yeah well let’s race it we got to watch that hunt got two pockets of birds here there’s one pocket on the.

West corner that’s just loaded here Carol see him on the water right now but you will assume when they jump out of there but there’s a group that’s hid in.

The field and they’re not coming out of the puddle and going in the field there’s actually they’re coming on the roofs and going.

To field and they’re coming on the roofs and blowing pot.

Really it’s a choice what what everyone looks like the best don’t see you in that field or that pothole explodes here before dark and see how many come out of there and then look at the temperatures and everything to see what it’s gonna be cold you know they’re probably gonna want the food before hitting the water take a look at all those factors and figure out which one’s the best option yeah I mean there’s a one pod in the field kind of near where you were.

Then there’s a a bunch in that pothole to the west there Oh looks like we’re shooting ducks in the morning you go guys breakfast of champions ready for your last time that young heroes for the season that’s probably the last hunt for for me for.

The season Brad will show up tomorrow and.

I’ll be heading over to the east fish some more hunting but these guys won’t have any trouble with me here that’s for sure probably do a little better on the vehicles damn we don’t look real pretty right now but we’re prepared they were good no rough cut don’t you any birds on the ground lunch came off the ball and radio front left side kill them that’s it we’re at 38 yeah let’s.

Get to Green has done to green heads lower right here kill those two that’s four it was great you know they were in nice.


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