Hi everyone this is your Rambo read-along book every time you hear this chime it means it’s time to turn the page in your storybook now if you are ready we will start the story the rescue don’t forget to turn the page every time you’ll hear the chime jeera Libre had been a peaceful South American country before the evil.

General Warhawk and his army of mercenaries soldiers who fight for money began plotting.
The takeover of President Ramon’s government late one night as.

The people of one small village slept the distant rumble of approaching tanks broke the silence growing louder and louder as they came closer and closer to town minutes later the first tank burst through the town wall a break dog scampered up a stone table out of the tanks past opening the tanks hatch the leader of the mercenaries sergeant havoc shouted to the dog and to his foot soldiers with their powerful weapons and led by the cruel.

Mercenary gripper the soldiers quickly gathered the frightened villagers in the village square gripper warned them from high atop his tank sergeant havoc added his own warning the whining of.

A jeeps engine reached habbits ears followed by the screeching of brakes havoc knew without even turning his head toward the town square that it was general war hawk and he quickly snapped to attention the general approached his sergeant.

And asked coldly how is my little plan coming along very well general answered havoc these takers of your action but the general interrupted you are 15.

havoc if this command is too much for you I’ll give it to someone.

Else before havoc had a chance to reply his attention was diverted by an old woman who broke away from the group of frightened townspeople and began running off down the street sergeant haven’t shouted to his aide the soldiers are paid immediately and chased the old woman down a dark alley that ended in a stone wall gripper shouted to the woman we’ve got you now you’ll be sorry you made us run but the soldiers.

Were stunned as the old woman swung at him and with a few well-placed flows knocked them all to the ground she then proceeded to walk across them and climb to the top of the wall standing at the top she pulled off.

A wig and mask then shouted in a strong young voice give my best to the general it was cat one of the members of Rambo’s force of freedom not only was cat a weapons expert for a master of disguises as well within hours word of general Warhawks attack on Tierra Libre reached the US government at the Pentagon in Washington DC Colonel Samuel Troutman the commanding officer of the Special Forces team immediately picked up the phone and called.

The president yes sir I realize this is an emergency if the generals forces are moving into Tierra Libre we’ve got to stop them and there’s only one man who can do it then to his aide he ordered get me Rambo hundreds of miles away floating peacefully.

In a rowboat on a crystal Blue Mountain Lake was John J Rambo he was spending.

His time off enjoying the quiet of the lake the woods and his rusty.

Cabin high in the Sierra Mountains suddenly the pumping of helicopter blades overhead wakens of dozing Rambo then in crowd whose voice shouting down to a bullhorn Rambo your country needs you Ruttman lower the rope and without a second thought Rambo grab the rope and was raised up to the chopper shouting let’s go as the helicopter.

Lifted high over the mountains and sped away Rambo who sat facing his boss asking how can I help you this time Colonel Trautman they want you to go into Tierra Libre and kick the general out of there Rambo smiled and answered it will be my pleasure sir Troutman had to warn Rambo if they grab you there’ll be nothing we can do.
Our government’s not officially involved in this well I am.

I’m not about to let that international bandit take over a free country exclaimed Rambo I didn’t think you would Troutman said with a smile immediately after the helicopter landed.

Rambo headed for the Auto racetrack to pick up his friend and mechanical expert turbo no sooner had Rambo announced trot manesis then turbo was out of the car and leaving the race to help Rambo and the force of freedom Troutman and Rambo were.

Soon on board a military airplane with turbo piloting them over the jungle of Tierra.

Libre as they prepared to land at a small airport near the capital city Troutman announced welcome to Tierra Libre it’s peaceful enough said turbo so does a bear trap exclaimed Rambo president Ramon at his daughter Australia were at the airport to greet the.

Force of freedom Colonel Trautman thank heavens you’re here called the grateful president then he.

Looked at Rambo and turbo and asked where are all the rest of your troops you’re looking at. president answered Rambo just then a military jeep pulled up beside them and it here a Libre soldier announced to President Ramon.

Bad news sir the invaders have.

Taken the bridge at are your Honda shaken by the news the president exclaimed we must stop them we must protect my people gentlemen we haven’t a moment to lose later in a government war President Ramones stood before a large table map and explained to the Americans.

As you can see our country is protected by.

Mountains the ocean and by the Rio Hondo the general’s forces have taken this bridge then the president’s military aid now they can move their armored division.

President Ramon continued Colonel Trautman we are a peaceful little country we have no modern weapons or tanks what can we stop them with Cartman’s answer was simple Rambo hours later Rambo and turbo met in a military barracks after making their preparations did you get it asked Rambo hey there’s enough.

Plastic explosives in there to blow that bridge all away to Cleveland exclaimed turbo as he tossed a bag full of explosives to Rambo just end Colonel Trautman entered the room with a young woman he explained gentlemen I want you.

To meet your guide on this mission cats one of the best undercover people we’ve got she’ll get you there in one piece try and come back the same way later that night cat led Rambo and turbo to a dark hill overlooking the Rio Hondo River pointing to the.

Bridge she announced there’s your target spotting the guards turbo replied looks like.

They’re expecting company I don’t wanna disappoint them said Rambo and he picked up his bow and arrow and the bag.

Of explosives waving goodbye to turbo and cat he added see you after the party the guy’s got guts explained cat turbo chuckled and answered it you ain’t seen nothing yet on the bridge the guards were keeping a careful watch and one reported to gripper the area seems to be clear sir it.

Had better be if anybody gets biased to general give me another one of these said gripper as he held up his mechanical iron hand Rambo quickly made his way to a rock ledge and cut off an arrow with a rope tied to it when the arrow had fastened itself onto the bridge.

Rambo swung up and onto the bridge after planting the bomb he turned to.

Run to the end of the bridge when gripper spotted him you got it you’re gonna have to do better than that.

Gripper the two strong men fought as the seconds ticked away before the bomb exploded at the last moment Rambo fled to one end of the bridge amid a barrage of bullets then suddenly a huge explosion rocked the bridge.


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