Hey everybody welcome back to record ology you know you speak and I listen I really try to interact with each and every one of you that I can out there and one of you recently suggested during one of our review videos that we check out the u-turn audio orbit turntable and that’s exactly what we’re going to do here.

Today I am the photograph the law you become acquainted with me that you would like me ah deal of okay guys so here it.

Is now when this box arrived I usually try to remove the outer box from.

The inner box so you don’t have to watch me opening that boring part but this turned out to be the actual box at the turntable as in so that’s why it’s opened already my apologies for that I’m really tried to resist temptation and not dig into it but I have to admit I did peek a little bit I’m just super excited first thing I noticed and this is just.

Super cool check this out they send you a little card here that says I hope we hope this turntable brings new life to.

Your music if you need assistance or have any questions please contact us and.

Then their contact info which I thought that was a really nice touch and that’s glued right to that board there now the next.
Thing we have here is a it’s a cardboard that just.

Opens up like that it looks like that’s our platter now one cool thing about u-turn in researching this turntable there’s a couple of super exciting elements to.

This the first thing is that these are made in the United States these are not mass-produced in China like so much of the equipment that’s out there you know for a hundred and seventy nine bucks and that’s.

All this they’re entry-level turntables cost you can get into a very high-end a very quality vinyl experience with a.

Completely made in America product which is awesome okay so here is the platter now this is the orbit plus so there’s a couple of upgrades one of them is a platter that is acrylic versus MDF now MDF is medium density fiberboard and it makes up a lot of you know speaker.

Cabinets are made out of MD MDF is good because it’s a very low resonance material and its really good for platters and record player plants which we’ll get into later but if you want to upgrade even beyond that the acrylic material even is more noise isolating and vibration isolating even more so than.

MDF and here is our felt mat which we’ll take a look at that now we’ll take this piece off oh now we’re getting to the good stuff you guys in here we have an unlabeled padded envelope so we’ll see what’s in.

There we’ve got our instruction manual some cables let me get up close here even got the good camera out today guys so I’m.

We got the cables we’ve got an extra belt and a cool-looking sticker so if you’re happy with it for to display that prominently okay so set that aside for now there is an insert here one end is hollow the other end says components enclosed so this.

Unit feels like a power supply so let’s go ahead and what’s really cool if you look into the story of these guys and gals as they are doing this stuff by hand I mean this comes from Massachusetts and these guys.

And gals are you know building.


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