What’s a few beautiful legends out there in a fantastic day welcome back to the channel where we discuss everything crypto so let’s jump right into it so what have you all been up to today let me know in the comment section below so Tron and ripple XRP Tron and ripple X are free leads Google trend for all kinds.

They are the most famous coins people are more interested in Trent Eric’s and ripple XRP when you see this this means people are very interested and with interest people might be willing to invest and the more investment the more the price will go up for trunk.

And XRP so when you see people are doing multiple searches and the interest of something that means people are interested people are willing to buy and when people the more people buy into something the.

More the price go up so the more the demand of a particular say commodity or cryptocurrency we are talking about today the more the price will go up so according to research metrics that have been conducted by a Google trend the most popular searches witness in the month among all coins or ripple cos Neil and Ron TRX while bitcoin is still bitcoin is still the the.

Most searched cryptocurrency in terms of on the web with various other search terms that have provided fascinating insights into development that has been taken in place with alkyne market there’s a steady interest in the adoption of blockchain technology so we know blockchain technology is the.

Technology behind cryptocurrency so how cryptocurrency work is the blockchain technology is the underlining what we’ll say what allows it would be like if Issachar the induction would be the engine and what blockchain does it decentralizes how data is stored so say we have a ledger write a list of information in chronological order this information is not in one central place this copy is in multiple ears so we’re seeing.

That a lot of persons are getting more interested in blockchain technology with the results we have seen in Google train it would suggest that there is another increase in interest in the Year of decentralized apps so we know Tron yo s neo these are not chained well they’re cryptocurrency but they are blockchain technology where developers can actually developers can actually create.

Decentralized applications so applications such as so Fortran there is an a social media application much like snapchat in China and I don’t remember what the app is but that application has data many places because it’s on a decentralized platform which is blockchain with this platform have been able to allow third-party developers to create making several application on their chain which has been able to utilize the blockchain and crypto.

Functionalities at the same time ripple went ahead to capitalize on the recent announcement that was made of the partnerships taking place between the major institutions it.

Also include includes release of a collaboration with with the Santander bank for the rapid international fiat money transfer system one which has been underpinned by the ripple blockchain Tran has also been trending lately over the past few weeks John has been able to.

Generate a sistent publicity on the web so we know that Tron TRX is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies on Twitter and the CEO of China that suggesting son is always keeping the.

Community up to date on what’s going on with TRX their minute launch right and.

He kept up from the first of June straight down to win the Maenads launch he was every day on social media keep keeping the community our own Tron posted because there are a lot of trunk holders are holders as we see in cryptocurrency and they won’t have updates when quickly and Twitter is one of those platforms that allows.

This so the most notable one being the big token burned that took place a few weeks back plus the partnership that was recently announced by portal so I did.

A video that Tron is no well corner biz know.

Using Tran as a payment gateway so you you can use your context to pay for core of subscriptions and also trended a 50 million dollar u.
worth of coin burn to celebrate their main launch all as it has.

Also benefited Justin’s on involvement in the developments that have been taking place he is the founder of Tron platform which has been considered to be the famous in the crypto community yes so just in son as I said before is always on Twitter’s keeping the community crypto community.

To date on what’s going on a charm well there has been some drama that took place this involve Vitalik that Vitalik.

Is the founder of ëthere ‘m and he accused the son of plagiarizing their white paper so the the the drama that came up was Shawn just took Ethier my paper and just caught and peace and.

Then developed their platform as a result of this Teresa sudden public interest in Shawn platform as it was clearly reflecting in Google trend analysis so there is John morrow intron and that’s what’s keeping so where ever there is drama you know persons will always be looking to see what’s next what’s next drama brings eyes.

That’s why I have these tabloids and these always breaking news on CNN it’s always drama that keeps people interested and China is very good at doing.

This that’s where they are one of the most popular cryptocurrencies oh there so that’s where we’re going to end it guys thanks for watching the support the channel you can share this.

Video on your favorite social media Twitter Facebook wherever you want and I’ll see you legends in the next one peace.


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