(silly music) – Hi, guys! Welcome back to– – That YouTub3 Family! – And the kids are off at school, and we’ve been sittinghere chatting because last night was a little bit stressful. I didn’t sleep very well because I was havingkinda these bad dreams, and I was a little bit worried about what happened last time I transported with the.

Kids, and we ended up in the neighbor’s prison.

– Where are we? – Guys, there’s a ticker! – What is this?- What’s that? – What is going on? Oh.

My goodness, guys! – Guys, we’re in a room.

– It’s a bomb! – Guys, we got low time! – We have to get out of here.

– What’s the fan for? – I dunno.

– Come on, Audrey! Oh, you’re getting it! You’re getting it! – Oh, I have tostick it through this.
– So we’re gonna go down there and try to figure it out.

Got the transporter, and I’ve got the coordinates set for when Tyler pressed itand sent you guys there. – I will never get used to that.- This is– I told you, it’s weird.

What? This is not exactly like what it was like.

Somebody behind you! – Whoa! Whoa. – Okay, so this isscary because this is– – Was that in here before? I don’t remember youguys talking about that. Who is that? – Did the lights justturn a different color? – Last time. (clicking) – Whoa, what happened? (clicking) -.

Okay, this happened— I dunno if I can get used to these lights changing color. This started ticking last time too, and we had to turn on the fan to cool it down in hereso we didn’t boil up.

– There’s a fan in there? – Yes, ’cause it’sstarting to get hot in here. – I can feel a little air in there. – I don’t know to cool it down, but who is this guy? – I have. I dunno if I wanna behanging out by him, though. What’s he trying to do? – I don’t know. This is so creepy! I don’t wanna touch. What is he doing? (Mom gasps) Okay, I see it, I see.

The camera? He has a transporter. (Dad gasps) – He’s trying to get it. – He transports! He knows our technology of transporting! Okay, who is he? – I don’t know. – And he didn’t make it out of here. This doesn’t look like thelast time we landed here. – Wait, where’s our transporter? No!- Okay.

Don’t have the transporter! It was in my hands when we left.

You guys have to solve a whole bunch of puzzles to find it? – Last time, we found that some of these vents, they opened up and they revealed secret things, and so we had.

To solve something, but I know we have to get that timer off to get that fan going, because otherwise, we are gonna.

Cook in here, and we’ll be just like he is. – Okay, here is a box with a lock on it.

You guys use this? – I’ve never seenthat before in my life. – Okay, let’s just see what’s around in the room here real fast. Just to kind of get our bearings straight. Whoa, what’s this on the wall here? – I know, there’s weird locks. I don’t know ifthis is the same room. I don’t know what time we traveled to, and I don’t know who this guy is.

– Look, there’s keys in here. There’s a whole bunch of keys in there. (Mom gasps) – There are keys in there! – Were they in there before? – I can’t remember because the kids started.

Getting things and it was crazy, and it was scary, and I don’t remember where they got everything from. – Okay, that I do know! They opened that safe.

It, but I know they opened it. – ‘Kay, well let’s seewhat we can do here.

Okay, so I think I’m getting our bearings. Okay, well let’s kindasee what we know here. So there is a keyhole right here, and I’m assuming– – We. – What’s happening? – What? – Oh my goodness.- What? – You’re getting boils on you! We’re gonna cook in here!- It is hot. Get the fan on! We gottaget this turned off! You are boiling! -.

All right, well, let’s hurry. – Can that help us look in there? – Oh my gosh, that looks horrible! – I know, I toldyou, you’re getting boils! Do I have any boils? – Not yet. – Okay, I can see a whole bunch of keys. I don’t know how if Ican get them with this. We almost need like, something to grab it, or a wire or a hook.

They opened vents, and last time, the pole wasright there in the corner, we got the pole.- That Dolphin’s using? – We got the pole,and he is using the pole. That’s kind of what wehad to do last time.

To get ourtransporter out of there too with the pole last time. So I’m trying to thinkof where everything was.

Can’t remember!- Okay, well let’s pull some of these vents off here real quick and just kinda see. Whoa!- I know! – Okay, that was bad,maybe? ‘Cause it turned red? I can’t see very good now. We probably shouldn’t have done this.

Was here,but there’s nothing here now.

You said this comes open? – Yeah, they pulled off vents, and they were able to get stuff, and I think you can climb out that way. I don’t think I can fit, though. – But I bet we can get Ty and he could crawl through the vent. – Hello? Hello? It does look like a vent. – What if it leads somewhere else, and then Ty could get us through the ventilation shaft to a new place? – But. – There is somethingweird about this. I tell you, we need to bring Ty back and have him go through that. – We’ve gotta first get the transporter. – I know, but– – We first gotta get that fan on.- Can you see anything at the back? Can you use.

The little light that you got? Can you see anything back there? – It’s taped to this,or it’s affixed to this.

– No, that littlemirror that you have.- Can you see anything? – It’s like, completely black. – Okay, so next time,let’s have Ty bring a light. – Wait, there’s something right here.

– Wait, what’d you get? I can’t even see. (Mom gasps) Oh, wait, what is that? What’d you get? – It looks like a. Does this look familiar? – I can’t remember. Is there anything else? – I can’t, it’s.

– Here, I wanna check it out. Can I look up there? What is that?- I dunno. – We can get the keys with that. – Wait, wait, I wanna see what’s up. I wanna see if Ty can go up there. I think I see somethingat the back, I dunno. – Do you think we could bring Ty? He can make it through the hole? – If we ever planon. But I’m getting really,really, really hot. – Okay, we do, we need to get this on, ’cause I’m not sure what happens, and it’s. – What do we do? – Here, you try to get the key. – I’m not sure which key I need.

Grabbing them, and then we’ll try them all. – Okay, I got some, I got some. (Mom and Dad groan) – Okay, I got it, I got it.

Okay, wait, wait, I gotit! I got it, I got it! – Sweet, try it now. On what?- On this, right here! In the key! Turn it in the key! I don’t think that’s the right key. – Should we try again?- Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! (Mom gasps) The door started closing.

Is that the right key? I don’t know what I’m doing, then. – I have a bad feeling thatif we don’t get the key right, that’s gonna close, and we’llbe locked in here forever. – I think we need something different, ’cause you struggledpretty hard with this. Let’s see if we can find a different tool.

There’s another vent right here. Should we check this vent? Let’s try this one.- This look like part of the ventilation shaft is falling in. – I think I do remember them saying that that one was not,that one went nowhere. I think that was how it was before. Look at this, the light went red. That’s probably not a good sign.


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