Hi folks I’m here with John Correa of active self-protection or ass it’s got a great YouTube channel and as a content for Diaw as a Content producer I’m rarely a Content consumer of all the same yeah I mean there’s a few that I watch but I was so busy making it that I don’t have time to sit and.
Watch everybody else’s for so much good as you should yes all right I.

Jon Stannah but the thing that uniquely sets Jon apart and what he’s doing is he’s analyzing how many we have about 1100 on the channel between the YouTube channel and the Facebook page for the older ones watch that lost probably 13,000 defensively so that’s just thing he takes real violent encounters that are.

Happening to people all over the globe analyzes them and gives you the results so a lot of us are preparing for a fight that may not ever happen so this is a way that you can really get hard data and a picture for real fights are happening so that’s John’s big thing shows not a video and they don’t analyze it pay what the person’s do what happened.

What would have been a better thing to do so you’ve really got to check it out when I teach my classes I’ll reference his stuff and be like hey when you look at real encounter so for instance you go to active self-protection to YouTube channel you see these real encounters real fights actually look a little bit more.

Like that they really do so you know when I tell people armed robberies carjackings mother who’s having home invasions I get to watch them every day and in most fights they’re they’re awful brutal you’re awful fast they’re awful mean and a lot of us get our understanding of defensive encounters of Hollywood and and Hollywood fights are are made for drama not reality wait yeah I mean you know don’t get me right I loved watching John Hollywood.

Leading us astray I don’t believe canceling get this out of here we’re done we’re done I mean I love watching John wig right you know I mean everybody does hurt you know what I mean you got this big gunfight going down and all these things so that was where the project came from is.

I was looking for houses real violence actually happen and then as we started writing it then working on it our martial arts and our firearms training and then I was like I.

Gotta get this to some other people so we started doing.

Videos on man yeah so every single day the ER oh so after analyzing your so many just different violent encounters what are some surprising things that have stood out as somebody who’s kind of taking that aggregate look at all that I think the biggest thing that I see that that people are surprised at is.
The some of the violence a violent encounter so.

You’re not gonna have all this time to think about the.

Dangers coming I need to start getting ready I need to be mentally prepared the reality is when the.

Violence happens you need to be ready to flip the switch right now so you’re zero to a hundred times it needs to be like that now now maybe you’ll have a look that’s right it’s so hot that I.

See somebody’s just living life and all of a sudden there’s a.

Knife in their place they were there they’re feeling their slurpy beyond.


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