So I went for the item Foundation and one of the things that we ask students is to consider the safety risk of the project that they’re working on so they need to consider how it would impact the world and how the world impacts their work so I’m one of the participants of this year’s I gem competition so we.

Had to create a project and in order to create a solution for a problem we think we need solving and in our project we need to integrate the file security issues.

And we need to consider also the policies and the regulations involved so biosecurity is the effort to anticipate the potential misuse of a technology and its risks and in mitigating them make sure that we get the most out of the technology as important because as scientists we have the responsibility to make sure that we are doing good for the world and not taking harmful actions so every technology has risks and benefits and in understanding.

Them you can mitigate those risks and get the most out of any technology as a computer scientist working in the field of synthetic biology I really feel that those are two fields that are really on.

The forefront of security issues that we’re facing and so it’s something that I have to constantly be keeping in mind as we try to tackle this issue of big data and really figuring out what it is that we’re able to do with the information that’s out there so I.

Think biosecurity like all security is our way of ensuring that we have a future that looks the way that we want it to look in the sense of making sure that everyone gets an equal opportunity to be treated as a member of society that requires respect and also their safety is ensured well I will ask them if they’re interested in the topic of biosecurity and then if they are related to it in any way it’s a for example someone who has a.
Design background will interact with it very.

Than someone who has a biotechnology background and then the best way to put it is to say well whoever is developing this sort of thing needs to consider you as one of the potential people.

Who will be impacted by it and that’s how you get people to interact with it when you can relate to them things that they have never even considered the first question that you ask them is what is the the worst possible way that someone is gonna misuse your technology think about that headline think.

About your name being associated with that and then ask yourself what can I do to prevent that.

From happening biosecurity is like a responsibility and you consider especially if you want your work to go in long run so you need to make sure that your work will not pose risk in the long term whether intentionally or unintentionally so from firsthand experience I can tell that just looking at the loss and well away.

It is traditionally presented is very dry and boring so getting first-hand experience taking them to the project and behind the scenes of the project and making them see how it affects the way a project has to be planned I think is a very good insight I think that the most important lesson for me.

Around biosecurity was that it’s not boring I think that my initial perspective on thinking about safety and security was that it.

Regulatory part and I actually think there’s a lot of really fascinating and meaty technical issues in the biosecurity space so I would say if you are a technical person don’t just turn off your brain when the conversation turns towards biosecurity I think there’s a lot of interesting rolls and thinking to be.
To be taken on and done by technical people within biosecurity you..


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