Hey what’s up everybody I wanted to do a review on this Google chromecast audio device about three years ago when we moved in our house our house has built in home speakers and I was looking for a solution that I could broadcast audio – you know all the rooms regardless if they are wired in the house or not.

So what I found is this the Google chromecast audio device just a little this little puck right here it comes with the 3.5 millimeter or Guillory cables most people call it you have the micro USB cable and then it also comes with a little power adapter now pretty much all mine are.

Plugged into the wall but I do have this little portable speaker that when we are out on the patio or in the front.

Yard or whatever we want to listen to whatever is going on.

In the house – oh I’ll plug this guy in – a little portable power station you can plug that in there put that in an auxilary there and the.

Rest of my speakers I have c4 speakers built into the house which there’s a few different inputs around the house where you can.

Put the input signal at and then we have like a rec room that has a.

Receiver it’s kind of our media room then I have this this little portable speaker and then I have a Google little google home device to all these connect together exactly like.

Sonos does it’s just super cost effective rather than you know me having to replace all my home speakers I got this device and you know I can sync them all together so I’m going to give you.

A little overview how that works on your phone you’ll just download the Google home app and then you’ll you’ll link everything through there so once the home.

App is open you’ll go and you go down to your speakers or whatever and I have all mine synched up so say you just want to play them all you can open up you know the all speakers and then right.

Here it says there’s four total speakers or four of these chromecast devices ready to go so you just hit the play button and it’ll start playing now currently I play through Spotify I pay for the subscription I’d you.

Know listen to it in my car and everything so I love Spotify it it has that feature enabled I don’t know if all I have to do buy no Spotify does so say you want to play play here.

And then say this speaker this little mobile speaker right here which has that chromecast device is too loud what you can do you can hit your four speakers there and this one is called mobile speaker so I can turn that down and then.

I can go back and hit play now you can’t hear it cuz it’s you know so far down so what you can do then so my home speakers are on.

Right now and same thing here you can go you know turn these up or down and then my rec room that’s where I like my subwoofer is and all that so we’re.

Having a party or something I’ll turn that on for the bass sit down here I have it hooked up to a receiver so there it is it’s always plugged in so I can always you know play from it so then on the app I can go to the rec room and I can crank it up so yeah that’s a I think a quick review.

Of the google chromecast Audio super cost-effective I love it so hopefully you guys enjoy the video please.


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